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Jewelry Casting Machines offer capacity up to 150 g Pt.

November 14, 2013

Designed to meet needs of small jewelry shops, EasyCast J Series can cast all precious and non-precious metals. Systems integrate induction heating generator and digital control panel with self-diagnostic features and advanced error messages. Series includes EasyCast EC11 base model as well as EasyCast EC12, which includes IR temperature reader and argon/vacuum pump. Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Services

Casting Sand accommodates needs of steel foundries.

July 1, 2011

Featuring spherical nature and uniform grain sizing, SpheriChrome(TM) provides iron and steel foundries with specialty casting sand that enables production of high-quality products while reducing after casting defects and emissions. Additional benefits include ability to pack in molds tightly for smooth cast finish, optimize tensile strength, and minimize finishing/cleaning costs. Read More

Material Handling & Storage, Materials & Material Processing

XPS Foam Board Die System minimizes product changeover time.

February 5, 2010

Designed for extruded polystyrene foam board, Die System enables on-the-fly product changeovers without stopping production line. System features adjustable full-manifold internal deckle inside flow channel of die and external edge restrictors that create final side dimensions on board as it emerges from forming box. Located between extruder and die, purge block makes it possible to carry out die maintenance while extruder is shut down but still full of polymer. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Parting Tool has replaceable die inserts.

June 30, 2009

Offering punch press fabricators alternative to replacing entire die in parting applications, Dura-Die parting tool features replaceable die inserts engineered with Ultima® premium tool steel for optimal wear resistance and grind life. Die base is made of shock-resistant steel, allowing it to withstand even high punching forces. Tools are available for standard parting in C, D, and E stations, and close-to-clamp is available in D and E stations. Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Materials & Material Processing

3D Printing System produces high-def real wax patterns.

October 21, 2008

Able to produce finely detailed RealWax(TM) patterns from digital data for direct investment casting, ProJet(TM) CPX 3000 3D Printing System suits high-volume, high-resolution applications. It uses Multi-Jet Modeling technology combined with VisiJet® CPX200 wax build material and VisiJet S200 dissolvable wax support material. In addition to 2 selectable build modes, system offers part nesting and stacking capabilities as well as single-pass printhead design. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Castable Material solves refractory insulation problems.

February 4, 2008

Kaolite 2000-LI can be gunned or pumped into place for high temperature industrial processes. With its low iron oxide content, product can be used in carburizing furnaces or where high concentrations of CO gas are present. Strength-to-density ratio ranges from 11 to 12 psi/pcf. Low k values along with high cold crushing strengths of 450 psi at densities of 38-41 pcf provides insulation and thermal efficiency to reduce energy costs. Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Services

Manufacturer produces die cast parts for off-road vehicles.

November 28, 2006

Providing custom-manufactured die cast parts with high strength and pressure tightness, Die Casting Services include conventional high pressure die casting, squeeze casting, and semi-liquid process casting. Company's Buhler 630 SC High Pressure Die Casting machine is fully automated with Thermtronix melting/holding furnace, Rimrock autoladle and die spray units, Sterlco die thermal control unit, and ABB 5-axis robot for part extraction/trim press loading. Read More

Safety & Security Equipment, Materials & Material Processing

Refractory Castable offers alternative to 1:2:4 field mix.

April 6, 2005

Offering quality control from raw material specifications to manufacturing process, Kaolite 1:2:4 is tested by outside testing lab for standard quality conformance. Product, which can be gun or cast, is comprised of 1 part Lumnite or other mid-grade calcium aluminate cement; 2 parts haydite, expanded shale; and 4 parts vermiculite. Physical properties include 48-56 lb/ft³ density and 400-500 psi crushing strength, after firing at 1,500°F. Read More

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Press Automation System features 50 job storage recipes.

March 17, 2005

Model DPPlus basic integrates 4 die protection inputs, 8 programmable limit switches, brake monitor with brake test, motion detection, and job storage into an encoder-based package. Unit mounts in NEMA enclosure or in existing panel. Features include: batch, part, and stroke counters; alpha/numeric user programmed names; speed compensation; password protection; and press position display. Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Casting System provides metal parts prototyping.

February 12, 2002

MetCast(TM) system produces accurate metal parts in as little as 3 days from wax master. Complete system includes ceramic encapsulation unit for creation of ceramic mold, kiln to burn out master and fire mold, MPA 300 caster to melt metal and fill mold under vacuum, and water jet for removal of ceramic mold. MPA 300 caster holds 3 liters of molten metal and has cylindrical casting flank capability of 13 in. in dia by 19 in. height. Read More

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