Refractory Castable offers alternative to 1:2:4 field mix.

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Offering quality control from raw material specifications to manufacturing process, Kaolite 1:2:4 is tested by outside testing lab for standard quality conformance. Product, which can be gun or cast, is comprised of 1 part Lumnite or other mid-grade calcium aluminate cement; 2 parts haydite, expanded shale; and 4 parts vermiculite. Physical properties include 48-56 lb/ft³ density and 400-500 psi crushing strength, after firing at 1,500°F.

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Kaolite® 1:2:4 A High Quality Alternative to 1:2:4 Field Mix

'Field mixes' of lightweight refractory castables are frequently used in fired heaters, ductwork and stacks in the petrochemical industry. One common field mix called 1:2:4, represents the volume constituents of the castable's ingredients - 1 part Lumnite or other mid-grade calcium aluminate cement, 2 parts haydite, an expanded shale, and 4 parts vermiculite, an ultra- lightweight aggregate (see Kaolite 1:2:4 data sheet in Quick Links section at the bottom of this newsletter). To produce castable field mixes like 1:2:4, the raw materials are delivered directly to the job site and each batch is dry-mixed just prior to the water addition and material installation. Field mixes are cheaper on a pound per pound basis than plant-made insulating castables constituted and blended in specially designed manufacturing facilities, but they are typically much more variable. On-site mixing is frequently plagued by: · lack of control of the raw material additions to the proper ratio · variability in the time and efficiency of the actual field dry-mixing · a general lack of firm specifications on the constituent raw materials with regards to chemistry, density or particle size. Thermal Ceramics has created a 1:2:4 mix made in a state of the art manufacturing facility designed for producing ultra-lightweight raw materials. This product, called Kaolite 1:2:4, offers precise quality control from raw material specifications to the manufacturing process, and each production run is tested by a outside testing lab to guarantee standard quality conformance. Able to be easily gun or cast, Kaolite 1:2:4 features excellent physical properties including a lower density 48-56 lbs/ft³ and higher crushing strength 400-500 psi (after firing at 1500°F) than typical 1:2:4 field mixes.

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