Wacker Silicones Presents Low-Viscosity Liquid Silicone Rubber Grades for Manufacturing Insulators

Munich, August 27, 2006 - The Munich-based chemical company WACKER is presenting liquid silicone rubber grades for the manufacture of high and medium voltage insulators at CIGRE Session 2006 from August 27 to September 1 in Paris. These rubber types exhibit particularly low viscosities - thereby offering significant processing advantages for complex casting molds.

Under the POWERSIL® XLR® trademark, WACKER SILICONES has been supplying extra-low-viscosity liquid silicone rubber systems for several years now. This product class also includes POWERSIL® XLR® 630, which WACKER is presenting at CIGRE. POWERSIL® XLR® 630 exhibits such a low viscosity that large-volume or complexly shaped insulators can easily be produced via casting. Even at low pressures, the silicone completely fills the mold.

Other product highlights at CIGRE include special silicone coatings for porcelain, glass and epoxy resin insulators. Since such insulators are not self-cleaning, dirt and damp often cause flashovers and damage. A cost-effective alternative is to coat insulators with POWERSIL® 566 and POWERSIL® 567 silicone rubber dispersions.

These dispersions form a hydrophobic - e.g. water-repellent - surface layer that protects insulators against moisture, and thus against flashovers and other damage. Even if the surfaces are dirty, the silicone coating's water-repellent effect is fully maintained thanks to hydrophobic transfer. In addition, POWERSIL® 566 and POWERSIL® 567 offer high tracking and arc resistance. As a result, cleaning and maintenance costs can be reduced for years to come.

Visit WACKER's booth (85) at CIGRE Session 2006.

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