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Valve Stem Packing simplifies leak detection and repair.

May 8, 2009

Style 212-ULE is comprised of 1 braid manufactured from yarn with GRAPH-LOCK® strands contained by Inconel® filament jacket, and second braid composed of graphite fiber and yarns. It withstands temperatures from -328 to +1,200°F in steam and non-oxidizing environments and up to 850°F in media containing free O2. Maximum pressure rating is 4,500 psig and pH rating is 0-14.... Read More


Engine Oil Top-Ups Have Been Reduced By 20% Since Switching To DURON(TM)-E 15W-40

May 8, 2009

With terminals located throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Formula Powell specializes in drilling mud warehousing and the safe transport of equipment, small drilling rigs, service rigs, camps, matting and waste to and from oil fields. They're one of the largest oil field trucking companies in Western Canada and are among the top innovators in the industry, continually creating... Read More

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Hard Metal Turning Made Easy

May 5, 2009

With ChilAire Lite(TM) CO2 Cooling, Lubrication and Chip Extraction hard metal turning is easy. Turn carbides or titanium in a fraction of the normal time with higher feed rates, longer tool life and superior heat removal. And you will enjoy the benefits of no fluid waste, no staining and a better part finish. The ChilAire Lite(TM) system features a Cleaning-Coolant Spray Generator/Controller, a... Read More

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Spray protects laboratory instruments during autoclaving.

May 4, 2009

Dual purpose Barrier Milk(TM) Ready-to-Use Spray (PC 0139) helps prevent corrosion of instruments and lubricates box locks and hinges to keep them in good working condition. Water-based blend of lubricants and corrosion inhibitors is applied with fine mist that covers instruments and works its way into hinges and box-locks. Leaving instruments free of any residue, it is non-irritating, phenol and... Read More

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Metal Cutting Fluids resist bacteria and foaming.

May 4, 2009

Suited for machining and grinding ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, semi-synthetic Multan® B 236(TM) and B 414(TM) can be used continuously for years with minimal biological degradation. Multan® B 236(TM) is intended for cast iron and steel, which require rapid cooling, corrosion protection, and moderate lubrication. Multan® B 414(TM) is similar but contains more oil and additional extreme... Read More

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Boeing Approves TRIM® MicroSol® 585 and TRIM® E917 for Aerospace

April 30, 2009

MicroSol 585, a nonchlorinated, semisynthetic metalworking fluid, and E917, a low-foam, high-lubricity emulsion, have received Boeing process spec number BAC5008 approval for areas 5 and 6, which includes machining titanium alloys. Perrysburg, Ohio April 23, 2009 - Master Chemical Corporation is pleased to report that MicroSol 585, a nonchlorinated semisynthetic metalworking fluid, and E917, a... Read More

Lubricants, Mechanical Power Transmission

Kluber Offers Innovative Lubrication Solution for Wind Power

April 22, 2009

Londonderry, NH - (March 25, 2009) - Kluber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, will showcase three innovative, specialty lubricants for the wind power industry at the WINDPOWER 2009 trade show May 4-7 in Chicago, IL. The lubricants are Kluberplex® BEM 41-141, Kluberplex® AG 11-462 and Klubersynth® GEM 4-320 N. Kluberplex BEM 41-141 is high-performance grease... Read More

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Rustlick Ultracut 255R Heavy-Duty Water-Soluble Oil with Exceptional Biostability

March 16, 2009

Glenview, IL - March 3, 2009 - Rustlick Ultracut 255A is a heavy-duty, high-performance water-soluble oil with chlorinated and non-chlorinated extreme-pressure additives for unbeatable corrosion protection and great lubricity. It can be used with all ferrous metals and is great with hard-to-machine alloys. Limited use is recommended on aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and titanium. Specially... Read More


Chain and Bearing Lubricant withstands high temperatures.

March 11, 2009

Designed to protect against wear, rust, and corrosion at elevated temperatures, McLube MoS2-505 synthetic oil dispersion contains molybdenum disulfide, which does not leave carbon or resinous deposits. Able to withstand repeated loads in excess of 400,000 psi, product will not carbonize, smoke, or emit any odors. McLube MoS2-505 is useful in dirty and corrosive environments. Read More

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Centrifuge offers feature set for productivity and safety.

March 5, 2009

Heated Oil Test Centrifuge incorporates LCD touchscreen control panel that can be used to govern centrifuge rotation speed, turn heat on/off, set duration of test, and choose type of rotor assembly and corresponding glassware to be used during test. Manufactured to meet Class 1, Division 2 explosion resistant rating, system conforms to range of Standard Test Methods and features top-opening lid... Read More

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Metalworking Fluid Analytical Lab Services

February 27, 2009

Cleveland, OH - Zebra Skimmers Corporation, a full-line manufacturer of oil skimmers and coolant maintenance equipment, recently introduced its metalworking fluid analytical lab services. "We wish to serve our customers better, helping them to analyze their metalworking fluids, as they may have little time or resources. Testing will indicate where there may be current, and even upcoming, fluid... Read More

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Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid suits marine applications.

February 26, 2009

Designed for equipment used in marine and water-sensitive applications, Plurasafe H2O-K hydraulic fluid protects entire hydraulic system against wear and corrosion damage. With low aquatic toxicity and readily biodegradable formulation, applications include recreational/commercial boat hydraulic systems, marine/commercial dock operations, industrial/commercial truck hydraulic systems, carwash... Read More

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Rustlick TRI-Logic System

February 20, 2009

Synergistic System Works to Maximize Performance and Fluid Life Glenview, IL - February 12, 2009 - Rustlick has launched a new range of products that revolutionize the cutting fluid market by helping metalworking manufacturers improve efficiency and reduce costs. When used together the products in this synergistic system work to maximize metalworking fluid life and performance. Logic No. 1:... Read More


Synthetic Compressor Fluid has food-grade formulation.

February 3, 2009

Meeting food industry safety standards, PURITY(TM) FG Synthetic Compressor Fluid is scientifically formulated with select additives to protect against wear, oxidation, rust, and corrosion. It is registered by NSF as H1 lubricant and fits in HACCP and GMP plans. All components of this synthetic PAO-based product comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570. With pour point of -60°C and flash... Read More

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Multigrade Hydraulic Fluid is free of heavy metals.

January 14, 2009

Designed to perform in extreme conditions, Shell Tellus Oil STX is formulated with Group II base oils with additive technology. Zinc-free, ashless product features viscosity index of 160, helping to maximize performance in mobile and stationary hydraulic applications. Fast start-up can be achieved through low temperature performance, while equipment protection and retention of fluid viscosity... Read More