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Power Distribution Blocks have touch safe design.

September 27, 2016

Suitable for use with copper conductor, touch safe power distribution blocks have transparent cover that both aids visual inspection and provides IP20 touch safe protection. Cover design incorporates dovetail tabs for nesting connectors together to create multiple configurations, and step shape design of copper alloy block facilitates installation in confined spaces. Connectors can be DIN-rail or panel mounted and have short circuit current rating of 100 or 200 kA RMS SYM Amps. Read More

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Terminal Blocks feature push-in connection technology.

August 25, 2016

Occupying same amount of space as 2-position models, 4-position PT 2,5/S-QUATTRO Terminal Blocks allow for high wiring density without sacrificing space across DIN rail. Up to four 12 AWG conductors can be connected in one feed-through terminal block. Push-in connection technology enables quick, tool-free wiring of pre-assembled conductors. Multi-conductor terminal blocks also have double function shaft for potential distribution with plug-in bridges and large-surface marking options. Read More

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Terminal Strips comply with revised DIN Glow Wire Standard.

August 24, 2016

Constructed using polyamide material that provides flammability protection required to meet DIN 60335-1 standard, Europa screw-clamp connectors provide secure electrical connections mounted to flat surface. Products are available with 1–12 connections in 5 sizes: Type 4 (up to 20 A/600 V for 22–14 AWG); Type 6 (up to 20 A/600 V for 22–12 AWG); Type 10 (up to 40 A/600 V for 22–10 AWG); Type 16 (up to 65 A/600 V for 22–8 AWG); and Type 20 (up to 75 A/600 V for 22–4 AWG). Read More

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Multifunction Terminal provides high-end measurement technology.

May 20, 2016

As part of standard I/O system, EL3751 combines automation and measurement technology on one universal hardware and software platform. This single-channel EtherCAT Terminal for analog measurement technology, featuring eXtreme Fast Control technology (XFC), supports 10,000 samples per second, ±0.01% measurement accuracy, and 24-bit resolution. Along with flexible filter configurations, features include diverse parameterization options, integrated distributed clocks, and Extended Range option. Read More

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Littelfuse Adds Fuse Holder, Block, and Clip Selection Tool to its Web-Based iDesign(TM) Circuit Protection Selection Platform

May 6, 2016

Helps find the right fuse holder, block or clip based on the selected cartridge fuse or circuit parameters CHICAGO– Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, has added a Fuse Holder, Block, and Clip Selection Tool to its popular iDesign™ online simulation and product selection platform. With the addition of this new tool, Littelfuse iDesign now offers circuit designers...Read More

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Screw Terminal Connector Boards feature high-voltage design.

April 12, 2016

With high voltage traces running on inner layers for additional safety and protection from contamination, 2,100 Vdc CableEye® CB29H and CB29AH each contain four 16-pole screw terminal blocks that accept bare wires from 12–30 gauge in size. Metal jaws grip inserted wire without damaging or distorting end, and space between each terminal block may be used as wire channel to guide wires to side. Model CB29AH serves as transition board between wire harness mating connectors and Cable Eye tester. Read More

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Screw Terminal Connector Board is rated for high voltages.

April 12, 2016

With high voltage traces running on inner layers to afford additional safety and protection from contamination, CB29H addresses HiPot testing to 2,100 Vdc/1,200 Vac. Four 16-pole screw terminal blocks accept bare wires from 12- to 30-gauge; metal jaws firmly grip inserted wire without damaging or distorting end, and space between each terminal block may be used as wire channel. For each channel, pair of holes facilitates wire tie insertion. Transition board variant, CB29AH, is also available. Read More

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Connectors and Terminal Blocks connect high-current I/O on PCB.

April 4, 2016

High Power terminal blocks and connectors enable high current inputs and outputs to be connected on PCB. Available with up to 35 mm² wire entry size and up to 125 A ratings, terminal blocks come in modular interlocking versions or solid blocks of up to 8 poles in range of pitches. Locking screw flanges are available. Two-part connectors, available up to 16 poles with wire entry sizes up to 16mm² and current rating up to 76 A, are also available with screw flanges. Read More

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Screwless Terminal Blocks and Connectors from Hitaltech Reduce Installation Time

March 21, 2016

Hitaltech boast a complete range of Spring Clamp Terminal blocks and connectors across a complete range of pitches which are produced to a high quality, whilst offering a cost effective solution. Available from 2 to 24 ways across a complete range of pitches, Hitaltech's range of screwless terminal blocks and connectors suit applications where traditional terminal blocks have been used....Read More

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Finger-Safe 10-Pole Terminal Block comes with jumper, screwdriver.

March 9, 2016

Able to handle up to 20 A per circuit, SAFE CIRCUITS provide finger-safe wire connections that ensure personnel safety and prevent incidental contact with objects. Variants include standard size (p/n SC-AVK) and miniature (p/n SC-MVK) screw clamp versions as well as standard size tension clamp version (p/n SC-PYK). UL approved and recognized, all of these products come with 10-pole jumper that can be cut down to any size and ergonomic screwdriver. Read More

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Terminal Blocks have single-pole, spring type design.

March 2, 2016

Available in SMT and THR designs, SM99 and SR99 series accept wire cross sections from 24–16 AWG. Push-in technique for wire insertion and size of pushbutton used for wire release promote usability, while connection reliability is fostered via indicator and test point. Along with 90° connection and automation-compliant packaging, reflow-capable products have 9 A nominal current rating, come in tape and reel packaging, and can be placed as single poles nearly everywhere on PCB. Read More

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Future Electronics Promotes Wago's New CAGE CLAMP Intuitive Lever Operation Products

February 23, 2016

Pointe Claire, Quebec - Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, recently announced immediate availability of new products from Wago, combining reliable and maintenance free CAGE CLAMP connection technology with an intuitive lever operation. The 811 Series includes a 30A, 600V AC/DC Class CC and midget fuse holder or 30A, 1000V DC photovoltaic fuse holder,...Read More

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Ultra-Compact Terminal Block Approved for Larger Conductors

February 8, 2016

Germantown, WI – WAGO's universal surface mount PCB solution – the 2059, is now approved for 20 AWG/0.5 mm conductors. 2059 terminal blocks create compact connections providing the perfect tool to minimize the size of LED modules. Featuring: • A low profile of just 2.7 mm, minimizing on-board shadowing • Wire cross-sections from 26 – 20 AWG (0.14 mm2 to 0.5...Read More

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Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks offer tool-free actuation.

January 8, 2016

Respectively, UT 4-MTL and UT 6-MTL are available in 6.2 and 8.2 mm terminal widths and support 26–10 AWG and 24–8 AWG. Finger levers, which do not require tool for finger-safe actuation, enable technicians to safely perform circuit-polarity checks and troubleshooting without disrupting service. UL Recognized for 600 V and up to 20 A, these knife disconnect terminal blocks utilize Reakdyn® Principle for reliable, maintenance-free, screw-clamp connection. Read More

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American Electrical Publishes New Video About Safe Circuits - A Safe Way to Add Connections, Terminate Circuits or Add a Distribution Block for Power or Grounding

October 23, 2015

Tom McCormick explains AEI's new product Safe Circuits - a safe way to add connections, terminate circuits or add a distribution block for power or grounding. 10, 20 amp feed through terminal blocks, a 10 position jumper and a screwdriver are sold together in three different types of terminal blocks - one mini screw clamp, one regular screw clamp and one tension clamp terminal block - all...Read More

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Future Electronics Promotes 250 Series Terminal Blocks from WAGO

September 24, 2015

Pointe Claire, Quebec– Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, promotes WAGO's 250 Series PCB terminal blocks with Push-In Cage Clamp connection technology. WAGO's 250 Series offers a cost effective wire-to-PC board interconnect solution, featuring PUSH-IN CAGE CLAMP operation for fast, simple connections. The 250 Series features ratings up to...Read More

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Fuse Terminal Blocks come in 3-conductor variant.

August 12, 2015

With TOPJOB®S Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Blocks, second conductor can be connected on field side. Pivot style units offer quick wiring with Push-In CAGE CLAMP®. Wiring stranded conductors is always hands-free via screwdriver actuation that keeps clamp open. Solid or ferruled conductors can also be directly pushed-in. Resistant to thermal cycling and gas-tight, terminal blocks offer jumper retention spring for vibration-proof, maintenance-free connectivity when commoning. Read More

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PCB Terminal Blocks have modular, interlocking design.

July 22, 2015

Horizontal wire entry models CMM5-2 and CMM5-3 and vertical wire entry models CZZ5-2 and CZZ5-3 are UL recognized at 24–14 AWG, 16 A at 300 V Available in 2- and 3-position configurations, these white, 5 mm pitch, interlocking modular PCB terminal blocks accommodate new builds as well as maintenance and repair applications. Interlocking is accomplished by sliding tab on one side of terminal block into groove of another one to create endless number of wire positions. Read More

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PCB Terminal Blocks come in fixed and pluggable versions.

July 21, 2015

Pluggable PCB terminal blocks come in standard, miniature, vertical, and high current varieties. Available in 2–24 positions with 12–24 AWG wire range, standard versions are rated for 12 A at 300 V. Fixed versions come in standard, miniature, 45°, double level, modular, and wire protection varieties. Standard versions are available with pin spacing from 3.5–10.16 mm. Also available, spring clamp terminal blocks with 3.5–7.62 mm pin spacing accelerate connection of individual wires to PCB. Read More

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DIN Rail Mount Terminal Block hold Class CC and Midget fuses.

July 21, 2015

UL Recognized at 18–8 AWG and 30 A at 600 V, Class CC and Midget fuse holder DIN rail mounted terminal blocks include single-, double-, and triple-pole versions with option of neutral pole and blown fuse indication. Lever enables safe fuse insertion and removal, while screw clamp box connections provide secure wire terminations requiring minimum wire insertion preparation. Read More