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Knife Disconnect Terminal Blocks offer tool-free actuation.

January 8, 2016

Respectively, UT 4-MTL and UT 6-MTL are available in 6.2 and 8.2 mm terminal widths and support 26–10 AWG and 24–8 AWG. Finger levers, which do not require tool for finger-safe actuation, enable technicians to safely perform circuit-polarity checks and troubleshooting without disrupting service. UL Recognized for 600 V and up to 20 A, these knife disconnect terminal blocks utilize Reakdyn® Principle for reliable, maintenance-free, screw-clamp connection. Read More

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Fuse Terminal Blocks come in 3-conductor variant.

August 12, 2015

With TOPJOB®S Fuse and Disconnect Terminal Blocks, second conductor can be connected on field side. Pivot style units offer quick wiring with Push-In CAGE CLAMP®. Wiring stranded conductors is always hands-free via screwdriver actuation that keeps clamp open. Solid or ferruled conductors can also be directly pushed-in. Resistant to thermal cycling and gas-tight, terminal blocks offer jumper retention spring for vibration-proof, maintenance-free connectivity when commoning. Read More

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PCB Terminal Blocks have modular, interlocking design.

July 22, 2015

Horizontal wire entry models CMM5-2 and CMM5-3 and vertical wire entry models CZZ5-2 and CZZ5-3 are UL recognized at 24–14 AWG, 16 A at 300 V Available in 2- and 3-position configurations, these white, 5 mm pitch, interlocking modular PCB terminal blocks accommodate new builds as well as maintenance and repair applications. Interlocking is accomplished by sliding tab on one side of terminal block into groove of another one to create endless number of wire positions. Read More

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PCB Terminal Blocks come in fixed and pluggable versions.

July 21, 2015

Pluggable PCB terminal blocks come in standard, miniature, vertical, and high current varieties. Available in 2–24 positions with 12–24 AWG wire range, standard versions are rated for 12 A at 300 V. Fixed versions come in standard, miniature, 45°, double level, modular, and wire protection varieties. Standard versions are available with pin spacing from 3.5–10.16 mm. Also available, spring clamp terminal blocks with 3.5–7.62 mm pin spacing accelerate connection of individual wires to PCB. Read More

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DIN Rail Mount Terminal Block hold Class CC and Midget fuses.

July 21, 2015

UL Recognized at 18–8 AWG and 30 A at 600 V, Class CC and Midget fuse holder DIN rail mounted terminal blocks include single-, double-, and triple-pole versions with option of neutral pole and blown fuse indication. Lever enables safe fuse insertion and removal, while screw clamp box connections provide secure wire terminations requiring minimum wire insertion preparation. Read More

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Terminal Block Industrial Control Relays are DIN rail mounted.

July 20, 2015

With pluggable jumpers to facilitate bridging common inputs and outputs, PLC pluggable relay terminal block modules are used as interface between automation equipment and system auxiliary systems. Model ASI328003, at 6.2 mm wide, is configured as SPDT 6 A, 250 Vac/30 Vdc module with 24 Vac coil. It mounts on DIN rail and has pluggable relay with locking ejector for facilitated replacement. Red LED status display as well as protection diodes and inductive kickback protection are standard. Read More

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Fuse Terminal Blocks conserve space in Class I, Div 2 areas.

May 1, 2015

Available for use in hazardous locations, UL-certified UT 4-PE/L/HESI series incorporates screw connection in 6.2 mm pitch and provides fusing, feed-through, and shielding functionality in one package. Double-level design reduces DIN rail space requirements, and double bridge shaft on each level accelerates installation of potential distribution. Also included, Reakdyn® groove eliminates screw back-out and delivers reliable termination of stranded wire (with or without ferrules). Read More

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Programmable Converter works with Type J and K thermocouples.

March 11, 2015

Offering 8 programmable input ranges and 3 programmable output ranges, X756847 isolates 3 signals generated by temperature sensors using Type J and K thermocouples and converts them into analog signals. DIN rail-mounted, 35 mA, 24–240 Vac/dc supply voltage signal converter lets operator program temperature via adjustable rotary switch and dip switch. Supported temperature ranges span -50 to +200°C to 0 to +1,200°C. Read More

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SMD Terminal Blocks have integrated pushbuttons.

February 20, 2015

Offering 1-, 2-, and 3-pole variants with 4 or 8 mm pin spacing, 2060 Series features strength-optimized housing material and wall thickness as well as mechanical stability-optimized housing length. Solid conductors can be inserted directly, and pushbuttons facilitate connection/removal of all conductor types. Suited for automated and manual wiring of fine-stranded conductors, products feature insulating material with optimized electrical properties for rated voltages up to 630 V (IEC). Read More

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Terminal Blocks feature space-saving design.

February 4, 2015

Measuring 10 mm wide, WDK 10 Dual-Level Power Terminal Blocks provide high wiring densities in screw terminals for power distribution applications requiring 6 AWG conductors. Units integrate 2 independent circuits within one terminal and include corresponding jumpering channels to accommodate connection of screw-down jumpers to adjacent terminals. UL and CSA rated for 600 V/64 A/18-6 AWG, blocks feature vibration-proof and maintenance-free self-locking screw clamp termination technology. Read More

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Disconnect Terminal Blocks suit hazardous locations.

January 9, 2015

Featuring pluggable P-FU-EX fuse holders for 5 x 20 mm or 6.3 x 32 mm fuse inserts, Models UT 4-MT-EX, UT 4-TG-EX, and UT 6-TG-EX use screw-clamp connection technology for ferruled or stranded wires, and are rated for multiple wire connections. Fuse and knife disconnect terminal blocks have current-carrying capacity up to 16 A per UL file XCIB2.E192998. Devices' 6.2 and 8.2 mm terminals meet requirements of ignition protection standard important for process industry. Read More

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Terminal Blocks have spring clamp compression mount contacts.

January 5, 2015

Utilizing METZ CONNECT Springcon technology for secure, vibration-resistant connection that automatically adjusts to 28–16 AWG wires, SC305 and SL305 series facilitate wire-to-board connection without header. Contact is established directly on solder pads, allowing opposing side of PCB to be used for components. With 5 mm centerline, solid wires insert directly for tool-less connection. While SL305 is direct solder component, SC305 is snap-fit version for traditional wall-plate applications. Read More

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Finger-Safe Terminal Blocks come with jumper, screwdriver.

November 7, 2014

SAFE CIRCUITS 10-pole terminal block comes in standard size screw clamp version (SC-AVK), miniature size screw clamp version (SC-MVK), and standard size tension clamp version (SC-PYK). Designed to ensure personnel safety as well as external object contact, products can handle 20 A each and are UL approved and recognized. Included 10-pole jumper, which can be cut down to any size, is included for when common distribution of voltage or signals is necessary. Read More

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Finger-Safe Push-In Terminal Blocks support wires up to 4/0 AWG.

November 7, 2014

Rated per UL for 230 A at 1,000 V, PTPOWER 95 uses spring connection for 4 to 4/0 AWG wire sizes. Termination area opens when user inserts conductor. In this state, springs are loose and not kinetically charged to promote safety. Conductors can also be pushed in with termination area closed. There are 17 different versions, which include blocks prebuilt with 3–5 positions, black/yellow functional earth (FE), potential earth (PE), and both DIN rail and panel-mount versions. Read More

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LED Design Components suit space-critical applications.

October 27, 2014

Single-pole PTSM terminal block features push-in termination technology. Its 2.5 centerline and slim profile suit LED installations and allow single-wire connection in compact footprint. Designed for surface mounting, PTSM vertical header moves wires off PCB for vertical space utilization and increases options when connecting LEDs. PTSM through-board header removes connector mass from top of PCB and relocates it underneath, allowing for pluggable connections to come from rear of device. Read More

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DIN Rail Terminal Blocks feature push-in jumpers.

October 16, 2014

Offered in uniform size for wires up to 6 AWG, selos® WT Series Screw-Clamp Terminal Blocks feature optimized push-in jumpering system that forms low resistance, vibration-proof connection when inserted. Dual channel jumpering system enables extended jumper lengths as well as ability to bridge multiple potentials on parallel blocks. Available with snap-on ground blocks to accelerate installation, units offer flexible terminal marking system using thermal transfer labels. Read More

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Spring Terminal Block suits conductors up to 350 kcmil.

October 7, 2014

Featuring lock-open function for hands-free wire manipulation and push-in jumper for commoning, Model 285-1185 provides vibration proof, thermal resistant, gas tight connections. Spring pressure terminal block can terminate large conductors ranging from 1/0 to 350 kcmil. UL and CSA certified for up to 310 A at 1,000 V, device is suitable for energy-intensive applications in industrial power control and distribution, shipping, rail transport, wastewater, and petrochemical industries. Read More

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Terminal Blocks cover large wire cross sections.

July 22, 2014

Manufactured from PA 6.6-V0, SRK Series Feed-Through Terminals are available for wire cross sections from 16 –120 mm², covering total range of 0.08–120 mm². Up until 35 mm², terminals feature double cross-connection channel for plug-in cross-connectors. Ground terminal blocks have also been extended by wire cross sections from 16–70 mm². Models up to 35 mm² are contacted with rail by snapping on. Terminals are equipped with large wire entry bay that facilitates wire insertion. Read More

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DIN Rail-Mount Thermocouple Terminal Blocks are fully enclosed.

July 14, 2014

Along with built-in miniature female thermocouple connector for auditing and troubleshooting, UL-recognized and ROHS-compliant DRTB-2 series features screw type terminal for secure, maintenance-free connections and type K, J, T, E, N R/S and U calibrations. Plastic housing is made from gray polyamide 6.6 thermoplastic resin with UL 94 V0 rating for 85°C, screws are stainless steel and captive, and wire clamps are made of tin-plated brass. No end plates are required. Read More

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Terminal Blocks feature double level design.

July 10, 2014

Available for nominal wire cross sections between 2.5–10 mm², SRKD Series comes in standard models with 2 potentials and 2 x 2 connections, with 4 connections on 1 potential, or as protective Ground Terminal Block with snap-on PE foot contact. Units offer stability, vibration resistance, and optimal attachment of wires to contact point. Manufactured from PA 6.6-V0, terminal housing safely anchors metal parts on inside. Construction of snap-on units ensures firm hold on mounting rail. Read More