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computer hardware & peripherals, electrical equipment & systems, thermal & heating equipment

Heat Sinks cool brick DC/DC converters and power modules.

April 15, 2016

Able to reduce junction temperatures by >20%, maxiFLOW™ heat sinks enable full, half, quarter, and one-eighth brick DC/DC converters to be used at maximum operating temperature for optimum performance on PCBs. Spread fin heat sink design maximizes cooling performance in low-airflow environments by reducing pressure drop on passing air and providing increased surface area for heat spreading and convection cooling. Products come with Philips head screw sets in 5, 6, and 8 mm lengths. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Multi-Sectional Fansinks effectively cool CPUs and GPUs.

January 21, 2016

Based on Multiple Flow Entrance Technology™, QuadFLOW™ Fansinks use directed airflow in multiple fin fields, cooling electronic components more effectively than liquid cooling methods. Fin fields are not parallel to each other, but instead are designed to allow airflow to enter from multiple directions. Airflows reach central core, where they are extracted by blower through multiple fin fields. Depending on configuration deployed, cooling performance is near or equal to 0.1°C/W. Read More

hvac, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Airflow Temp/Velocity Scanner characterizes electronic enclosures.

December 15, 2015

Accommodating up to 32 sensors for multi-point field mapping of test domains, including housings and PCB surfaces, ATVS-2020 provides accurate thermal characterization. Thin, low-profile sensor design minimize airflow disturbance and can be placed anywhere in test domain. While temperature measurement capability spans -20 to 120°C, air velocity measurements range is 0 to 10,000 fpm. Portable unit connects to PC for operation and is controlled by stageVIEW software. Read More

mechanical components & assemblies

Heat Sink Attachment System increases efficacy, resistance.

May 29, 2015

Improving thermal transfer as well as vibration and shock resistance, clipKIT™ is compatible with straight fin, pin fin, cross cut, and slant fin heat sinks. Attachment assemblies feature maxiGRIP™ and superGRIP™ frame clip and spring clip. Products are available for 15–45 mm component packages and designed for heat sinks with base thickness of 1.75–4 mm. Plastic frame clip and stainless steel spring clip are corrosion resistant and flame retardant. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks optimize cooling performance.

March 20, 2015

Designed to protect components from excess heat, Zipper Fin Heat Sinks have zipper fins machined from thin sheet metal, typically aluminum or copper, formed into custom shapes. Sheets are designed to interlock with very narrow space between layers. Fin assembly is wave soldered to metal base forming very rigid, lightweight heat sink. To contain and optimize cooling airflow, heat sinks can be designed with integral ducts. Read More

hvac, thermal & heating equipment

Chillers, Heat Exchangers aid looped liquid electronics cooling.

October 2, 2014

Portable chiller systems, with cooling capacities up to 600 W, allow precise temperature control of recirculating coolants as regulated by thermoelectric module or PID control. For fluid baths, ATS-CHILL iM immersion chiller controls fluid temperature via immersible evaporator. Liquid-to-air heat exchangers offer metal fin density that maximizes heat transfer from liquid to air and optimizes liquid cooling capability. Products come in various sizes and heat transfer capacities up to 250 W.<br /> Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Round and Flat Profile Heat Pipes help cool hot components.

July 24, 2014

Used for transporting power dissipation away from hot electronic components, ATS copper heat pipes are available in 33 round and flat profile versions. Products transfer component heat to heat sinks with minimal temperature difference while also distributing heat efficiently across length of heat spreaders. Shaped by hand or machine to meet application needs, all heat pipes can be friction fit, clamped, soldered, or adhesively attached and are effective in temperatures from 30&ndash;120°C.<br /> Read More

test & measuring instruments

Hand-Held Anemometer measures air speed, volume, and temperature.

July 8, 2014

Optionally available with hands-free tripod or blade mount stand, ATS-0345 vane anemometer provides precise measurements for automotive, aerospace and HVAC studies; fume hoods; air ducts; wind tunnels; and marine applications. Unit can determine air speed values from 0.3&ndash;45 m/s, with accuracy to 0.1 m/s or 3%, while air temperatures can be measured from 32 to 140°F with accuracy of ±2.7°F. Powered by 9 V battery, portable unit has LED display and powers off when inactive.<br /> Read More

laboratory and research supplies & equipment, test & measuring instruments

Lab-Grade Instrument measures temperature, velocity, pressure.

May 9, 2014

Preloaded with IQstage&trade; DAQ software, iQ-200&trade; measures temperatures of solid materials and surrounding air from -40 to 750°C while also tracking air velocity from 0&ndash;1,200 fp (standard) or 0&ndash;10,000 fpm (custom) and air pressure (0&ndash;0.15 psi). Measurements are taken simultaneously at multiple points to accurately profile heat sinks, PCBs, and card racks for testing and characterization. Instrument connects via USB to PC for data management, storage, and sharing. Read More

sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Thermography System reveals PCB and component temperatures.

January 9, 2014

Equipped with solid-state color camera, ethermVIEW&trade; System provides macroscopic inspection of boards and components coated with heat-sensitive liquid crystals, which reflect incident light at visible wavelengths based on surface temperatures where they are applied. Camera captures reactive TLC colors to reveal hot spots and defects for effective thermal management. Linking to PC via Firewire, system includes thermSOFT software for image processing and management. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Heat Sinks cool high-power LEDs.

December 2, 2013

Comprising 32 heat sinks for convection cooling of high heat flux LEDs, Star series is made from aluminum and has round profile. Cooling fins, arrayed in round, star-like cross section, optimize thermal performance in local air flow. Depending on model, cooling performance reaches more than 60 K (&#8710;Ths-ambient) at 50.0 W of power dissipation. Flat base at one end allows secure, direct mounting of LEDs, while integral threads on base perimeter allow attachment of brackets and other hardware. Read More

controls & controllers, hvac

Airflow Controller optimizes fan testing.

August 9, 2013

Supporting fans and fan trays up to 30 A, FSC-200 Fan Speed Controller provides precise management of fan speeds during thermal management studies of electronic devices. Unit comes with ATS stageSPEED software, which allows use of PC to incrementally control speed from 0&ndash;100% of max power. Communicating with PC via USB connection, FSC-200 controls fans and fan trays with 0.5% resolution and provides ±1% data accuracy. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Closed Loop Wind Tunnel facilitates high temperature studies.

September 10, 2012

Producing air flows up to 1,000 fpm, Model CLWT-115 provides system for thermally characterizing PCBs, heat sinks, and components at controlled temperatures from ambient to 185°F. Clear Lexan test section, measuring 30.5 x 10.2 x 4.55 in., provides continuous view of test specimens, as well as flow visualization studies. Chamber can be accessed from top or sides for mounting and repositioning components. Six ports on side walls are provided for temperature and velocity sensors. Read More

hvac, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Compact, Flexible Sensor measures temperature and air velocity.

October 6, 2011

Used for characterizing thermal conditions in electronic systems, MS 1000-CS-WC is calibrated for natural convection as well as high velocity flows and has plastic base that eliminates potential shorting issues. Candlestick-shaped profile minimizes disturbance of heat flow in test domain, while plastic-sleeved stem facilitates installation and repositioning during testing process. Product is capable of measuring temperature from -30 to +150°C ±1°C and velocity from 0-10,000 fpm ±2%. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Heat Sinks feature push pin mounting.

July 26, 2011

With integral push pin mounting system, maxiFLOW(TM) heat sinks offer accelerated, safe attachment onto BGAs and other hot components. Each heat sink comes with one pair of plastic or brass push pins that run through opposite corners of heat sinks and mount securely into 3.00 mm holes in PCB as laid out in industry standard patterns. While integral spring on each pin provides ~2 lb of retention load, low-profile spread fin array maximizes surface area for effective convection cooling. Read More

controls & controllers, laboratory and research supplies & equipment, sensors, monitors & transducers, test & measuring instruments

Thermal Analysis System records temp, velocity, and pressure.

April 15, 2011

Used to profile heat sinks, components, and PCBs, iQ-200(TM) simultaneously measures temperatures for solid materials and surrounding air in addition to tracking air velocity and air pressure at multiple points. Laboratory instrument accommodates inputs from up to 12 J-type thermocouples, 16 air temperature/velocity sensors, and 4 DP sensors. USB interface allows PC-based data management, storage, and sharing, while software manages incoming data and provides graphic presentation. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Test Station enables precise air flow and temperature testing.

July 23, 2010

Comprised of benchtop laboratory-grade wind tunnel, automated controller, and multiple sensors, iTHERM-100(TM) Test Station precisely manages velocity and direction of airflow within test environment. System can be used for categorizing airflow and measuring pressure drop across heat sinks and over other PCB components. With attached thermocouple, iTHERM-100 is also suited for individual thermal management studies on CPUs and other hot components. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Heat Sinks perform in low airflow velocity conditions.

January 20, 2010

Featuring spread fin array that maximizes surface area for effective convection cooling, maxiFLOW(TM) heat sinks cool ICs and other hot components in narrow packaging and low airflow velocity conditions. Standard heights are as low as 9.5 mm, and extruded aluminum fabrication minimizes thermal resistance from base to fins. Pre-assembled with ATS maxiGRIP(TM) mounting hardware, sinks meet requirements for Telcordia GR-63-Core, ETSI 300 019, and MIL-STD-810. Read More

computer hardware & peripherals

Heat Sinks cool 17 x 17 mm BGA packages.

April 2, 2007

Made from black anodized, extruded aluminum, Models ATS-590 and ATS-619 RoHS compliant heat sinks maintain component case temperature at or below manufacturer's thermal specifications. Model ATS-590 measures 9.5 x 25 x 25 mm, has thermal resistance of 8.42°C/W at its base in air velocity of 200 ft/min. Measuring 22 x 24 x 16.25 mm, ATS-619 has thermal resistance of 6.11°C/W, and employs maxiGRIP(TM) attachment solution with plastic frame clip that snaps securely around chip. Read More

test & measuring instruments

Benchtop Wind Tunnel enables thermal and airflow testing.

March 26, 2007

Able to operate on any axis, BWT-104(TM) is designed for thermal characterization of components, circuit boards, and cooling devices. Polynomial shape and internal flow management system includes honeycombs and screens to break up turbulence, providing uniform, homogeneous flow up to 1,200 fpm as generated by 3 independently selectable 24 Vdc fans. While aluminum and Plexiglas® construction permits clear view of test section, 12 ports facilitate probe insertion. Read More

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