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dataTaker DT80W Intelligent Datalogger comes with a LCD display.

Oct 13, 2017

dataTaker DT80W Intelligent Datalogger features Ethernet communications and an internal battery. Unit offers up to 15 Analog (± 50V) sensor inputs and 12 flexible digital terminals. Product is equipped with 2 serial smart sensor ports and is suitable for integrated WiFi and GSM cellular modem applications. dataTaker DT80W comes with programmable analog output and an integrated WiFi and... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Data Logging Devices are suitable for healthcare storage applications.

Oct 05, 2017

Data Logging Devices are available in Excursion-Trac™ and Memory-Loc™ models which is used to monitor humidity and temperature. Units are suitable for data center operations or telecommunication applications. Products feature digital data downloads up to 525,500 reading.

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Infinite BSC-50E Data Logger comes with optional IP67 enclosure.

Sep 14, 2017

Infinite BSC-50E Data Logger is equipped with built-in GSM/GPRS modem. Unit four digital inputs, two analog inputs, one pulse counter input, and multiple excitation options and is suitable for water resources management, weather conditions monitoring, power grid and gas distribution applications. Product offers external sensor excitation and integrated with RTU’s lithium thionyl battery.... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Multi-Log LX-2 Data Logger meets IP68 waterproof standards.

Aug 31, 2017

Multi-Log LX-2 Multiple Channel Data Logger connects to wide range of leak noise, ultrasonic level sensors and water meters using its serial input. Suitable for flow and pressure monitoring in water distribution network, unit can capture mixture of minimum, maximum, average or spot values in each sample interval. Logger transfers data wirelessly to FCS DataGate web based portal and is enhanced... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Delphin Expert Loggers feature RS232 interface.

Aug 29, 2017

Equipped with two separate CAN bus interfaces and SAE J1939 protocol, Delphin Expert Loggers ensure effective automotive testing, industrial test, measurement and automation tasks. Unit’s interface and protocol synchronously process data at high acquisition rates. The CAN-RAW protocol enables bidirectional data exchange. Product is used in testing for road and rail vehicles and ships.

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Test & Measuring Instruments

Series 4 Data Loggers come with integrated WiFi option.

Jul 07, 2017

Featuring Ethernet communications, 18-bit resolution, LCD display and internal battery, DT82I Series 4 Data Loggers deliver programmable analog output of 0-10 Vdc or 0-24 mA. Offering sample rate of 40Hz A/D and eight digital inputs/outputs, units are embedded with dEX software. Equipped with USB port, product can accept up to 4 isolated or 6 common-ground referenced analog inputs. Suitable... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Real-Time In-Transit Logger uses GSM cellular data transmission technology.

Jun 14, 2017

Available in 25 - day logging duration with data uploaded every 15 minutes and 100 - day with one hour logger configurations, FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Logger records temperature, humidity, shock, light and location. Accessing up-to-the-minute information, unit’s stored data can be used for traceability, audits, HACCP documentation and FSMA compliance. Product is housed in logger sleeve... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

DataLogger® 6 features HD touchscreen interface.

Jun 14, 2017

Featuring front and rear cameras, laser barcode scanner and GPS joint location, DataLogger® 6 is integrated with easy-to-navigate software system. Offering on-screen instructions, unit collects and analyzes data on fusible pipeline. Using wired connection, product is capable of transferring data from fusion machine and syncs wirelessly to the DataLogger Vault™. Device is powered by... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

CurveX 3 Oven Recorder is equipped with full-color touchscreen.

May 27, 2017

Integrated with ideal finish analysis and data analysis software, CurveX 3 Oven Recorder features data logger which has 6 channels for easy menu-driven operation. Analyzing logged data and creating detailed reports, unit’s data logger consist of insulation box and comes with memory of 8000 measuring points per channel. Product is suitable for field use and laboratory conditions.

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Test & Measuring Instruments

2C Temp USB Data Logger comes with 16k memory.

May 12, 2017

Monitoring temperatures of refrigerated vaccines, biological material and documenting transportation of fruits and vegetables, 2C Temp USB Data Logger features palm-sized design that can fit into any tight quarter. Equipped with internal thermistor, unit allows users to program alarm limits where red LED will light when the temperature exceeds the limits. Using MaxiThermal software users can... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Test & Measuring Instruments

Switch Testing for Performance Qualification and Compliance

Apr 14, 2017

German-Manufactured Systems for Test Measurement

Switches for medium-voltage networks (ranging from micro to power switches) first need to undergo repeated testing to comply with different types of standards. These demanding tests are performed according to switching points, bounces, and switch opening/closing delays.

For these test applications, Delphin Expert Key and Message... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Have Data Sent Directly to Your PC with dataTaker

Apr 13, 2017

Flexible Solutions for Remote Data Collection

Data loggers have become the technology of choice to collect and transfer business-critical information such as product temperatures and process data. At CAS DataLoggers we work daily with callers searching for a system to handle remote data retrieval. For these applications we recommend the ideal solution-- dataTaker Series 3 loggers.

... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Titan S8 Data Acquisition Logger features capacitive touch screen.

Apr 13, 2017

Used for measuring temperature, current, voltage and pulse by process engineers, equipment monitoring and quality personnel, Titan S8 Data Acquisition Logger comes with built-in battery pack with 100 hours of stand-by time. Capable of monitoring up to eight different parameters simultaneously, unit can be wall mounted or handheld and can be fitted with shock absorbing rubber grip boot.

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Test & Measuring Instruments

Portable Solution Monitors Engine Temperatures

Mar 17, 2017

Grant Squirrel Series for Portable Data Collection

Engineers and technicians working on the factory floor need a portable way to monitor heavy equipment during operation, typically engine temperatures. Now CAS DataLoggers together with Grant Instruments has the portable solution! The high-performance, portable Squirrel SQ2020 series data loggers feature a fully-configurable large... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Run Time Monitoring Using a dataTaker Data Logger

Feb 02, 2017

For Machine Monitoring, Productivity Assessment and Troubleshooting

At CAS DataLoggers, many of our callers want to see how often one or more of their machines are working and when. This pinpoints machine downtime such as poor work productivity, or shows if another cause is at work (power outages etc.) In our latest Technical Article, we outline how to configure a Series 3 dataTaker... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

ADU-500 RTU Data Logger is ultra-low power with alarming capabilities.

Jan 25, 2017

Supporting 48 measurement channels based on SDI-12 communication protocol, ADU-500 RTU Data Logger features SDI-12 'smart' sensor data acquisition. Device includes three digital inputs, two analog inputs, one pulse counter input and operates in -40 to 65°C temperature. Using MODBUS ASCII protocol, device supports data acquisition from sensors with RS-485 serial interface. Suitable for... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

EC-7VAR Datalogger Kit comes with battery backup.

Jan 20, 2017

Designed for monitoring one, two or three current and voltage channels, EC-7VAR Three-phase Power and Energy Datalogger features three voltage channels 500Vac and three current channels 400A, 1kA, 2kA or 3kAac. Enabling users to monitor loading and energy consumption of installation, IP43-rated logger records ranges of 30V-300V at single-phase. Measuring phase angle between L1 and A1,... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments, Transportation Industry Products

Aaronia GPS Logger includes 6 sensors.

Jan 07, 2017

Used for recording position and movements, RF and non-RF applications, Aaronia GPS Logger captures data at rate of up to 35 logs/sec. Designed with 66-channel GPS Sensor and antenna for position accuracy of 6ft, unit delivers velocity measurements of up to 350mph with -165dBm signal sensitivity. GPS Logger is offered with 2GB of microSD data card storage with 650mAh internal LiPo battery and... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Vibrating Wire Data Logger Offers Flexible Connection

Dec 30, 2016

DT80G Strain Gauge Data Logger from dataTaker

Need a device for a geotechnical application? The DT80G GeoLogger from dataTaker is ideal for all geotechnical data logging applications. These universal loggers have built-in support for vibrating wire sensors including Geokon, RST Instruments, slope indicators, soil instruments and more. They provide the ideal data acquisition and... Read More

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Accsense Monitoring Systems for All Applications

Dec 03, 2016

At Accsense Inc. we manufacture and distribute a wide range of data logging and monitoring systems used in manufacturing, research, environmental monitoring, and healthcare applications. Our standalone and wireless products can monitor and alarm many different measurement values including temperature/humidity, current/voltage, and power/energy.

Accsense data loggers also monitor several... Read More