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GN 2280 Bull's-Eye Levels are RoHS compliant.

Mar 03, 2017

Used for checking horizontal position of jigs, machines, devices, appliances and instruments, GN 2280 Bull's-Eye Levels mounting threads are offset at 120° for allowing spirit levels aligned in relation to mounting surface. GN 2280 comes in aluminum housing with natural or black anodized finish. Designed with alignment ball at bottom surface of adjustment plate which acts as tilting... Read More

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Precision Levels help make perfect conduit bends.

Sep 15, 2016

Available in 3.5, 6, and 9 in. lengths, Precision Levels eliminate dog-legs when making saddle or offset bends to electrical conduit. Two smaller models have integrated Thumb Winder™ conduit wheel featuring contoured screw that hugs conduit's surface for firm, stable hold. CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum billet for absolute straightness and protected with anodized corrosion-resistant... Read More

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Bulls-Eye Levels include mounting flange.

May 31, 2016

Available in metric sizes, GN 2277 Bulls-Eye Levels check horizontal position of jigs, machines, devices, appliances, and instruments. Spirit levels are aligned in relation to reference surface so bubble is located inside marking ring when horizontal position of contact surface is achieved. RoHS-compliant units have sensitivity of 30 angle minutes, with bubble able to move by 2 mm. Housed in... Read More

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Next Generation in laser alignment tools is introduced.

Oct 16, 2014

Comprised of laser transmitter, digital receiver, and smart display, Microgage PRO enables measurement and alignment of long assemblies, machinery, and fixtures over long distances. Laser beam forms straight reference line for machine or assembly, and each of 4 receivers measures in 2 axial directions: horizontal and vertical (X and Y). Laser beam path can be few inches up to... Read More

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Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant Successfully Installs MOHR Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation (SFPI)

Oct 10, 2014

MOHR EFP-IL SFPI System provides precision water level measurements up to 1,000 ft. from pool RICHLAND, Wash. - MOHR Test and Measurement LLC (MOHR), a supplier of guided-wave radar liquid-level and void-fraction sensors for nuclear and other industrial applications, announced the recent successful installation of its EFP-IL Spent Fuel Pool Instrumentation (SFPI) System at the Donald C. Cook... Read More

Test & Measuring Instruments

Wireless Electronic Level delivers precise measurements.

Aug 26, 2013

Reading of angle of tilt and measurements relative to gravity with accuracy of 0.2 arc sec over center measuring region, Talyvel 6 interfaces directly to touchscreen computer and can be used in wireless mode. Unit weighs <1 kg, can be positioned remotely for hard-to-see or confined spaces, and incorporates pendulum-type transducer. OSD shows live measurement figures, and sequential... Read More

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Professional Levels meet needs of contractors and DIYers.

Aug 16, 2011

Equipped with waterproof, shock-resistant casing, CHANNELLOCK® Levels include 8.25 in. 620L Professional Laser Level, 8.25 in. 620 Professional Level, and 8.5 in. 615 Professional Torpedo Level. Four rare-earth magnets keep level in place during installation, while V-Groove design enables pipe and conduit mounting. Laser on Model 620L lasts up to 10,000 hr and is accurate to ¼ in. at 100... Read More

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Laser Alignment Kit helps keep equipment running smoothly.

Aug 03, 2011

Producing collimated laser reference beam that forms bulls-eye pattern, Proline Alignment Kit is suited for leveling as well as checking and measuring straightness, flatness, squareness, and parallelism. Laser is enclosed in precision machined housing, ensuring laser reference beam is parallel to side and base surfaces within 0.003°, or less than 0.030 in. at 50 ft. Finely ruled target and... Read More

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Laser Level will not leave marks on walls.

Jul 19, 2011

Suited for DIY leveling projects, SureGrip(TM) All-In-One Laser Level (BDL100AV) securely suctions to non-porous wall surfaces - painted drywall, glass, polished stone, wood - for up to 2 hr without leaving marks. Bubble vial changes from red to green when level, and unit can be set to provide audio alert that beeps until item is even for accurate leveling when out of sight. Also, laser line can... Read More

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LaserLevelsUSA.com Adds the Topcon Laser Level and Theodolite to Its Website Product Line

Jan 12, 2011

Laser Levels USA has added Topcon brand interior, slope and general construction laser levels as well as the Topcon digital theodolite to their internet store. Laser Levels USA is pleased to announce that they now carry products from one of the industry's most reputable brands of professional construction instruments and surveying devices, Topcon Positioning Systems. Topcon is the first choice of... Read More

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Triple-Plane Hybrid Line Laser delivers 360-degree coverage.

Nov 01, 2010

Utilizing Bosch patented Cone Mirror Technology, GLL3-80 delivers full 360° coverage on 2 perpendicular vertical planes and one horizontal plane. Provision of 5 cross points and self-leveling lines in 360° facilitates layout, leveling, and squaring processes. Combined with ability to project 3-axis planes simultaneously in all directions, functionality to switch between triple axis-plane,... Read More

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Aluminum Laser Level facilitates oiler installation.

Aug 19, 2010

Opto Laser Level helps users install Opto-Matic Constant Level Oiler, without measuring, leveling, or marking. It will also verify existing oil level setups and can be used on previously installed or new oilers. Manufactured of aluminum die cast material with electrolysis nickel plating that can withstand industrial environments, unit has stainless steel components and also comes in watertight,... Read More

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Circular Bulls-Eye Bubble Levels suit extreme environments.

Jun 11, 2010

Featuring rugged aluminum housing and precision ground glass, C000X Series Circular Bubble Levels offer high-performance in all weather conditions and are rated for Salt Fog survivability per ASTM B117. Units are filled with damping fluid that controls movement of bubble for accurate readings. Featuring 3 mounting holes to ease installation and calibration, precision circular vials also have... Read More

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Introducing New High Visibility Rafter and Framing Squares as Well as the New 600 and 840

May 21, 2010

Empire Level Mfg. Corp. continues to innovate. We are proud to introduce new high visibility (Hi-Vis) rafter and framing squares as well as a new look at an old box level. The new 600 Box Level Series offers a 24" and 48" box level with improved styling and technology. This new 600 series includes a rigid, aluminum box frame that has a centered rule on the bottom edge for easy measurements. It... Read More

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Ball Level offers multi-plane functionality.

Jun 10, 2009

Featuring 360° rotating aviation ball compass design, Precision Ball Level offers 3 functions in one tool. Unit's display clearly shows if surface area is level or plumb, removing guesswork associated with bubble readings. Laying level on its side, end-users can see if surfaces are level on both planes by utilizing crosshairs on display. Level can also measure angles and pitches. Read More

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Rotating Laser Level features built-in alignment system.

Apr 08, 2009

Featuring green laser technology for optimal visibility in indoor applications, Hilti PR 26 Rotating Laser has range up to 650 ft with laser receiver. Built-in line function allows user's hands to remain free for other tasks once laser is set to correct height. Equipped rechargeable battery pack and charger, tool provides 22 hr of continuous working time/full charge. Built-in shock warning system... Read More

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Self-Leveling Rotary Lasers suit interior/exterior use.

Aug 04, 2008

Designed with automatic horizontal self-leveling system, Models DW078 and DW079 provide accuracy at ±1/8 in. per 100 ft, while Model DW074 offers accuracy of ±¼ in. per 100 ft. Model DW074, powered by 2 D batteries, is equipped with 2 mW beam that delivers 1,000 ft working diameter. Powered by 9.6-18 V, 4 mW Model DW078 and 5 mW Model DW079 have working beam diameter of 2,000 ft. All... Read More

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Torpedo Levels combine portability and precision.

May 28, 2008

Made of solid-billet aluminum alloy and anodized for durability, 9 in. Savage(TM) and 6 in. Lil' Savage(TM) are all-in-one, pocket-sized levels suited for contractors and electrical/plumbing professionals. Their 4-vial design incorporates Brightview(TM) milled vial ports that capture and reflect light for optimal readability and accurate measurement of 0°, 30°, 45°, and 90° angles.... Read More

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Measuring Tool performs 7 different functions.

Mar 19, 2008

Made with stainless steel and fiberglass, AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool performs same functions as torpedo level, speed-square, T-bevel, plumb bob, and mini-T-square. Able to level up to 16 in., tool includes 1/8 and ¼ in. pitch for drainage. Body of tool displays 1-20 pitch lines simultaneously with degree dial that ranges from 0-90° in 5° increments. Ruler rotates 360°,... Read More