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Inch Size Rulers have self-adhesive design.

May 17, 2016

Available in inch sizes, GN 711 Self-Adhesive Rulers provide measurement markings for use in pharmaceutical, packaging, and food industry applications. These RoHS-compliant products come in 3 versions: stainless steel with .02 in. thickness and etched scale; white plastic with .01 in. thickness, silver highlighting, and printed scale; and transparent plastic with .01... Read More

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Mountable Aluminum Metric Rulers feature etched markings.

Oct 06, 2015

Available in metric sizes as well as self-adhesive version, GN 711.2 aluminum rulers with 3.3 mm mounting holes are RoHS compliant and come in 6 horizontal and vertical configurations. Imprints resist effects of weak acids and lye solutions as well as brief exposure to solvents. Construction is of aluminum with natural anodized finish, and surfaces are imprinted in black with etched numbers... Read More

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Foldable Scales measure guard openings.

Sep 24, 2012

Constructed of precision-engraved acrylic polymer, Guard-Opening Scales are used during design, installation, and inspection of guards to ensure they comply with OSHA, ANSI, and CSA safety standards. Units fold to one-third their size to fit in user's pocket, and include English units on one side and metric units on other side. Read More

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Mount Signs Faster and More Cost Effectively with New Sign Hanging Tools from Visual Workplace

Jul 19, 2012

BYRON CENTER, MI - Visual Workplace, Inc. introduces a complete family of Sign Hanging Tools. These commercial-grade solutions help users to easily and professionally mount and hang signs and banners that will stand the test of time. Available tools include a professional grommet press, heavy duty grommets and washers, safety rulers, corner cutters, Velcro and other fasteners, squeegees, weeding... Read More

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Self-Adhesive Rulers are available in metric lengths.

Apr 30, 2009

Available in 3 models, series GN 711 RoHS compliant self-adhesive rulers are offered in 100, 200, and 300 mm lengths. Stainless steel version is scale etched and 0.6 mm thick, while white plastic and transparent plastic versions are scale printed and are 0.3 mm thick. Six different figure sequences are available and indicator arrows in all 3 versions can be ordered separately. Read More

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Measuring Tape has offset and saddle reference markings.

Aug 12, 2008

Enabling electrical contractors to create majority of three-bend saddle and offset bends without complicated calculations, Offset Tape Stop(TM) Power-Return Rule has non-slip rubber grip that protects against impact, and dual end hook that attaches to conduits. Front of rule displays saddle bend calculations, while back of rule shows offset calculations, allowing users to determine angle bends.... Read More

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Measuring Tool performs 7 different functions.

Mar 19, 2008

Made with stainless steel and fiberglass, AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool performs same functions as torpedo level, speed-square, T-bevel, plumb bob, and mini-T-square. Able to level up to 16 in., tool includes 1/8 and ¼ in. pitch for drainage. Body of tool displays 1-20 pitch lines simultaneously with degree dial that ranges from 0-90° in 5° increments. Ruler rotates 360°,... Read More

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Power-Return Rule features self-lock blade.

Jan 21, 2008

Designed with oversized numbers and dual-end hook that facilitates attachment, 150th anniversary limited edition Tape Stop(TM) Rule features architectural markings in 1/8 in. and ¼ in. scale printed on first 10 ft on back side of nylon-coated blade for elevated and flat surface measurements. Weighing less than 1 lb, rule is 1 in. wide and can be extended up to 25 ft. Read More

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Scale measures openings of barrier guards.

Jan 09, 2007

Designed to help users comply with safety standards, folding Guard Safety Scale has English units on one side and metric units on other side. It is made of anodized aluminum with text and graphics that will not rub or scratch off. Scale can be used during design, installation, and inspection of barrier guards to make sure they comply with applicable machine safety standards. Read More

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Copy Fitting Calculator is suited for desktop publishing.

Nov 04, 2005

Able to be used in photo-typesetting applications, CNF-1307 enables users to determine how much copy is required for specified type size and space, what size type is required to fill space with specified copy, and how much space is required for specified copy and type size. Scales on slide ruler copy fitting calculator include Points, Picas, Elite, Point Sizes, Lines, Number of Words, and Number... Read More

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Folding Rules withstand rigors of worksite.

Jun 18, 2004

Made of nylon reinforced with glass fibers, 6 ft Models 910-6 and 911-6 offer resistance to weather, abrasion, and most chemicals. Washable and waterproof rules have measurements marked in black on both sides and edges, with engraved graduations to 1/16 in. Red stud center indicators are marked every 16 in. Positive locking joints and stainless steel spring hinges provide strength. Read More

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Tape Rule offers 11 ft of blade standout.

Mar 10, 2004

Micro FatMax® 16 ft Tape Rule features 1¼ in. wide, Mylar® polyester film-wrapped steel blade and rubber/ABS plastic case. BladeArmor(TM) thermoplastic coating helps eliminate breakage during uncontrolled retractions. Heavy-duty spring provides smooth recoil. Blade hook is fastened by corrosion-resistant rivets and protected by oversized bumper. Available in metric and metric/English... Read More

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Measuring Tools offer comfort, control, and durability.

Jul 30, 2003

Construction-grade 850000 series Tape Rules are available with English or English/Metric measurements in sizes ranging from ¾ in. x 16 ft to 1 in. x 30 ft. Professional Long Tape measuring tools have Auto Rewind feature, open spool design and are available in English or English/Metric in sizes from 3/8 in. x 50 and 100 ft lengths. The 850050 Magnetic Belt Tape Holster stores 16-35 ft long... Read More

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Tape Rule has coating to reduce breakage.

Apr 02, 2003

PowerLock® 25 ft Tape Rule has thermoplastic BladeArmor(TM) Coating that reduces breakage during uncontrolled retractions. Tape rule features 1 in. blade width with coating applied to first 6 in. of tape rule, where 90% of blade breakage occurs. Tape is housed in rounded, chrome-plated casing that is 10% smaller than previous company PowerLock® Tape Rule and features protective wearplate,... Read More