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Tri-Cam Countersink features self-guiding pilot.

Dec 23, 2016

Manufactured from hardened steel for optimum cutting edge and thread life, Tri-Cam Countersinks are designed with high-flow flutes for excellent material evacuations. Available in both M2 high-speed tool steel and M42 cobalt, device offers smooth, consistent finish for true fastener interface. Including non-marring pilot, unit offers oversized cross hole to allow easy countersink removal.... Read More

Portable Tools

Counter-Sinking Tool utilizes carbide inserts.

Jul 19, 2007

Carbide inserted 82┬║ included angle countersinking tool features 4 in. long and 1 in. diameter holder that accepts single 1 in. wide insert with 2 flutes. Insert will countersink any hole from 3/16-1 in. diameter. Inserts can be ordered with or without TiALN coating. Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Portable Tools

Cutting Tool converts twist drill into 82░ countersink.

Sep 28, 2005

Series 82 degree CHAM-BIT converts twist drill into combination drill and 82┬░ countersink suited for machining countersinks for flat head machine screws. Double edge cutter fits on clearance diameter of drill, enabling it to provide full and concentric countersink, while radial relieved cutting edges provide clean and chatter-free cutting. Tool can be positioned anywhere up and down flutes of... Read More

Machinery & Machining Tools, Portable Tools

Countersink and Chamfering Tools are indexable.

Jul 01, 2003

Fleximills countersink and chamfer any angle between 10-80┬░. Tools are supplied with 2 types of insert pockets: one for square insert (SCMT 421) and one for triangle insert (TCMT 321). Made from tool steel with nitrogen superficial treatment, tools have hardness of 60 HRC, are blacked by PVD coating, and polished for added rigidity and accuracy. Products are offered in 2 sizes: 330W-.750 (.750... Read More

Portable Tools

Countersinks are for use with portable drills.

Feb 27, 2002

Hex-Shank Countersinks are designed to cut metal, plastic, and wood and are available in selection of sizes. They feature single cutting edge for fast removal of stock, and chatterless finish for clean, smooth holes. Hex shank is available in 82 deg. Read More