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Water-Based Exterior Architectural Paint helps preserve wood.

Nov 13, 2013

Eco Armor latex paint complements existing lumber protection by adding UV and moisture protection while preserving exterior lumber architectural details and providing protection from termites, rot, and fire. Intended for use on properly primed plaster, stucco, concrete, masonry, metal, wood, and drywall, proactive product may be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Drying times are 30 min to 1 hr... Read More

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Interior Paints provide hide and touch-up capabilities.

Oct 10, 2013

Designed for industry professionals, KILZ PRO-X® 100 Series can be applied with brush or roller. One 5-gallon can covers up to 2,000 sq ft, making paint suitable for large, time-sensitive projects, such as multi-family residential or commercial properties. Available in interior dead flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss sheens, latex paints are suitable for use on drywall, concrete block,... Read More

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Self-Cleaning Filters Help Latex Emulsion Manufacturer Double their Production Capacity

Dec 10, 2012

Founded in 1985, Visen is widely recognized as one of the top producers of water-based emulsion. With its products being sold to numerous paint manufacturers across the world, Visen produces over 132,000 tons of latex emulsion every year. To meet increased customer demand, Visen invested in new manufacturing facilities and it was anticipated that the new plant would virtually double their... Read More

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Krylon® Industrial Eco-Guard(TM) Used in Eco-Friendly Design for Culinary Uniforms

Feb 18, 2009

(Los Angeles, Calif.) February 10, 2009- Staff members at Susan Feniger's new Los Angeles restaurant, STREET, will sport eco-friendly aprons painted with Krylon® Industrial Eco-Guard(TM) latex spray paint when the restaurant opens next month. Eco-Guard is the industry's only latex (not water-reducible) paint. It is extremely low odor with contents under pressure and an MIR-compliant formula,... Read More

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Interior Latex Paint has Green Cert label.

Oct 07, 2008

Atrium® latex paint suits interior applications on walls and ceilings of primed plaster, wallboard, wood masonry, and primed metal. Offered in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes, it has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and low odor properties, making it safe for use in occupied areas without causing disruption. Paint can be used in hospitals, schools, offices, manufacturing... Read More

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Latex Coating paints interior and exterior walls.

Apr 08, 2002

Devflex 4205 semi-gloss, waterborne, acrylic latex coating can be applied to properly prepared surfaces including drywall, wood, masonry, and metal surfaces in institutional, commercial and light industrial areas. Low-odor, low-VOC latex dries quickly and cleans up with soap and water. Non-yellowing coating applies by brush, roll or spray. It is available in white and colors. Read More