Coating System provides zinc primer, epoxy, and urethane.

Press Release Summary:

Moisture-cured urethane MC 104, with zinc-dust additive, cures by reacting with moisture in air. It is applicable in shop or field by spray or rolling. With high solids content (82%), CM 15 ivory-colored epoxy is suitable for spray applications. It offers some internal flex to allow for substrate expansion/contraction. Gloss white Acrylic Poly 2-part acrylic polyurethane topcoat offers high gloss, UV protection, and abrasion resistance.

Original Press Release:

Progressive Epoxy Introduces a 3-Coat Zinc Primer/Epoxy/Urethane System

Progressive Epoxy Polymers, Inc. (Pittsfield, NH) has introduced three new coating products designed to meet the common industrial specification of zinc rich primer, epoxy intermediate coat and 2-part urethane topcoat. Estimated cost per square foot for the three coat system is $0.60. The products can also be independent from each other.

MC 104 is a moisture cured urethane (MCU) with a zinc dust additive. Moisture cured urethanes are considered organic and cure by reacting with moisture in the air. MCU products can be easily applied in shop or in the field by spray or rolling. Cost is $60 per gallon.

CM 15 is a high solids (82%) ivory colored epoxy. It has a long potlife for easy spray application and some internal flex to allow for substrate expansion and contraction. Cost is $48 per gallon.

Our Acrylic Poly is a 2-part acrylic polyurethane topcoat. Acrylic polyurethanes offer high gloss, excellent UV protection, and good abrasion resistance. Color is gloss white. Acrylic Poly sells for $65 per gallon.

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