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PerfectPitch® Pipe Supporter meets IMC condensate pitch standards.

Aug 31, 2017

PerfectPitch® Condensate Pipe Supporter is used for condensate and waste drain line pipe installations in attics, mechanical rooms and crawl spaces. Featuring adjustable stems from 8 in. tall stanchions with 1/8 in. incremental gear teeth, PerfectPitch’s starter kit consists of universal clamps that fit 1/2 in., 3/4 in., or 1 in. pipes. Unit’s integral ruler and gear teeth offer precise... Read More

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Shimco Appoints Providence Group as Exclusive Representative in Ukraine and Belarus

Sep 12, 2016

Providence Group will introduce Shimco precision parts and gap-management solutions to the markets during AVIASVIT XXI 11-14 October 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine. MARKHAM, Ontario – Shimco, a world-wide leader in the manufacture of precision parts, specialized coatings and gap-management solutions has expanded its presence in Eastern Europe with the appointment of Providence Group as the exclusive... Read More

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Inflatable Shim supports up to 300 lb.

Sep 23, 2015

Spanning gaps from 3/32 to 2 ½ in., AirShim Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool allows single installer to position and hold items in place. Contractor-grade inflatable bag offers one-handed operation using squeeze pump and precise bleeder valve, letting user raise and lower to perfect alignments. With no-scuff cover, AirShim is suited for installing appliances, beams, cabinets, doors,... Read More

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SPIROL Receives Nadcap Reaccreditation for Nonconventional Machining and Laser Beam Machining

Sep 11, 2015

Stow, OH – SPIROL International Corporation is proud to announce reaccreditation by the Performance Review Institute (PRI) for meeting the stringent audit criteria requirements of Nadcap Nonconventional Machining as well as Laser Beam Machining (LBM). SPIROL is certified to the Aerospace standard AS9100 Revision C. However, many of the most demanding companies in the world, such as those in the... Read More

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Leveling Sets deliver precision and locking capability.

Jun 30, 2015

Used for leveling, adjusting, and linking operations, GN 350.5 and GN 350.5-NI with Locknut are available in metric sizes. Zinc-plated, blue-passivated steel GN 350.5 versions and 303 stainless steel GN 350.5-NI versions consist of threaded upper sleeve and tapped lower sleeve. While fine thread allows precise, stepless setting and locking using DIN 1810A hook wrench, spherical washer... Read More

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Chase for Flat Metal Parts Ends at O'Neal Manufacturing Services, Alabama

May 12, 2015

Company acquires largest ARKU parts leveler in North America. Birmingham, Ala. – Specifications for flatness on steel plate parts are becoming tighter and more common with the heavy equipment OEM's in the U.S., and O'Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS) is a leader in meeting those requirements. The company recently received its second ARKU FlatMaster leveler, a model 120-200, at its... Read More

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Precision Adjustable Shim simplifies leveling adjustments.

Mar 27, 2015

Eliminating trial and error of lifting machinery to slip in shims and wedges, Microshim lets user adjust stainless steel lifting bolt to raise/lower machine in height adjustments of 0.001 in. Each unit lifts and supports 10,000 lb, and applying adhesive to 2 sliding surfaces allows for adjustment before product is permanently locked to specific height. While shim is milled from solid block of... Read More

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Leveling Feet have fixing lug and non-skid pad options.

Feb 12, 2015

Accommodating static loads from 1,800–3,600 lb, GN 440.1 Steel Leveling Feet with Fixing Lug come in various base diameters and thread sizes. RoHS-compliant products have base and tapped socket of zinc-plated and blue-passivated steel (base is stainless steel for rubber pad type) and assembly screw of stainless steel. Types include one with base cap of black elastomer (TPE) plastic,... Read More

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ARKU Exhibits New High-speed Servo Press Feed and Demonstrates Parts Leveling with New User-friendly Control

Sep 11, 2014

Hi-Speed ServoMaster® press feed handles strip up to 600 mm2 cross section at velocities up to 200 m/min with ±0.1 mm accuracy. New control on FlatMaster® parts leveler requires just two parameters to produce dead-flat, stress relieved parts. CINCINNATI, Ohio – ARKU Coil Systems, Inc. will showcase its new Hi-Speed ServoMaster® press feed system at FABTECH. The company... Read More

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Stainless Steel Levelers offer rubber pad options.

Jun 24, 2014

Offering load ratings from 1,800–4,500 lbf, GN 340.5 Stainless Steel Leveling Mounts feature tapped socket of stainless steel with shot-blast finish. Units come with black pad inlay of Nitrile Butadiene rubber or white pad inlay of Santoprene® rubber. Black pad offers resistance to swelling when in contact with oils and fuels, while white pad has resistance to solvents and acids as well as... Read More

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A Custom 16 Foot Hydraulic Dock Leveler Ships Overseas

Jun 13, 2014

When an international trading manufacturer of electronic components contacted a Pentalift distributor with a unique loading dock application, Pentalift’s in-house engineers designed a dock leveler for their specific needs. The existing dock height was 43”, the trucks to be loaded were as high as 62”. This significant height differential would have caused a dangerous percentage of platform... Read More

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Enjoy "Stress-Free" Welding, Bending, Cutting of Metals Parts Leveler can "Stress Relieve" Metals for Downstream Processes

Jun 02, 2014

Parts leveler can "stress relieve" metals for downstream processes Parts leveling can't free you from the stress caused by a missed shipping date, but it CAN relieve your production frustrations caused by metal components loaded with internal stresses that are released during welding, laser cutting, punching or bending. Flat doesn't always mean stress relieved "The material coming from a service... Read More

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Parts Leveler Bumps Business Up for O'Neal Manufacturing Services

Mar 25, 2014

Flat parts pivotal to winning large contract CINCINNATI, Ohio – "We used to cringe when we had a customer requirement for really flat parts." That's how Joe Arceneaux, manufacturing engineering manager at the Greensboro, North Carolina, plant of O'Neal Manufacturing Services (OMS), sums up his position at the time the company was competing for a long-term contract for construction machinery... Read More

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ARKU Establishes Rebuild Service for Parts Levelers and Coil Lines in North America

Mar 04, 2014

Program also includes rebuilding, sales and spare parts for other manufacturers' used levelers. Refurbished equipment performs like new for fraction of cost. CINCINNATI, Ohio – ARKU's U.S. operation has instituted a new rebuilding service for its levelers and coil lines in North America. The company is also providing spare parts, rebuilding and sales of used parts levelers from other... Read More

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AirLoc Wedgmounts with Spacer Pads & Horizontal Restraints Keep a Top Heavy Press Stable!

May 08, 2012

Clark-Cutler-McDermott has a number of large presses used to fabricate automotive acoustic fiber panels supplied to Volkswagen for their new model vehicles. Recently CCMcD moved one of these presses to a new manufacturing cell and wanted to provide a specific working height with precise leveling and horizontal restraints to keep the press in place, even with repetitive, high level dynamic loads.... Read More

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Precision Shim facilitates machinery adjustments.

Oct 04, 2011

Milled from solid block of aluminum and protected by hard anodized coating, Microshim enables height adjustments of 0.001 in. and will lift and support 10,000 lb. User adjusts stainless steel lifting bolt to raise or lower machine. Applying adhesive to 2 sliding surfaces allows for adjustment before Microshim is permanently locked to specific height. Typical applications include positioning large... Read More

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Reid Expands Vibration Control Line of Products

Jul 06, 2011

Muskegon, Michigan - What piece of equipment can improve worker safety, extends the lifetime of industrial equipment, protect flooring and structural supports, and improve the accuracy of machine tools? Vibration control devices provide all of these benefits and Reid Supply Company has added hundreds to their product line. Vibrations cause significant damage to both workers and machines over a... Read More

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Stainless Steel Arbor Shims are corrosion resistant.

May 25, 2011

Available in 18 thicknesses in 12 different ID/OD combinations, Stainless Steel Arbor Shims can be used for accurate spacing of milling cutters, gang cutters, saws, slitting blades and grinding tools. They are packaged in air tight poly bags, and have tolerances of ID +.011/-.000 in., OD ±.002 in. Special sizes, materials, and spacers with keyway are also available. Read More

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Steel Leveling Feet are offered in inch and metric sizes.

Apr 15, 2011

Series GN 440 Steel Leveling Feet feature steel base with blue passivated finish. Products are available in versions with or without rubber pad, with base cap manufactured with black 73 shore hardness elastomer plastic, or with non-skid, black Nitrile Butadiene rubber pad with 70 ±5 shore hardness. Rubber pad versions also include stainless steel base. All models have zinc-plated threaded stud... Read More