REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler is Used on Tinning Line for the First Time in China

Empowering Baosteel to Expand its International Market Share

Electrolytic tinplate (ETP) is one of high-end products by cold rolling and deep processing, a new type of high-value-added corrosion resistant material. Due to its non-toxicity and excellent corrosion resistance, Electrolytic tinplate has found its wide applications in food packaging, beverage packaging, medical and chemical packaging industries. With the expectation of replacing aluminum packaging gradually, the prospects of this new material is very high.

From the view of the development trend of the technology, both tin plate products and tin coating are getting thinner. As a result, the production technology is becoming more complex and difficult and has become the high-level production line in the manufacturing field of thin electrolytic tinplate in metallurgical industry.

In addition, canning and printing processes using tinplate sheets as raw material are extremely sensitive to strip shape. The cold rolling process of black steel also produces a considerable amount of internal stress in strip steel, causing tinplate flexures easily when such stress is released during downstream deep processing of shearing.

The use of REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler eliminate the flatness defects of strip steel in Metallurgy and improve the shape of strip. Therefore, it is common to include a REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler in the tinplate production line. It has become one of the benchmarks that measure the technical level of the electrolytic tinplate production line.

Collaborating with Redex, Baosteel made breakthrough in mass production.

With the development of tinplate applications, many domestic steel mills have begun to construct electrolytic tinplating units. Some have even introduced large advanced continuous tinplating units with high output. Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. ("Baosteel") is one of them.

Currently, Baosteel has become one of the leading domestic companies in the field of tinplates and double cold reduction (DCR) technology. In order to better meet the production requirement on the flatness of DCR tinplates (the product after rolling process/Annealing/Single or Double Redution SkinPass ), Baosteel planned to upgrade its 1420 cold rolling No. 2 tinplating unit (C217) to one that can produce both SR (Single Reduction) and DR (Double Reduction) tinplated products.

The C217 unit of Baosteel is reported to have a total production capacity of 180,000 t/a. The unit uses continuous annealing (CA) black steel strip and DCR black steel strip. While the original design of C217 unit did not include a Tension Leveler, it was unable to run mass production. As such, there was an urgent need to add a tension Multi roll leveler to the production line.

Because of the tight schedule and the production line having the necessity of running continuously, Baosteel set the bar high in open tendering.

First of all, the vendor needed to provide the tension leveler and supporting equipment that are advanced, reliable, easy to maintain (including front and back tension bridle rollers) to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the units and provide good performance in the cold rolling production line.

Next, it must upgrade the motors, drives, and other electrical equipment at the same time. It was also required to upgrade the entire cleaning section to eventually realize fully automated operation and avoid noise pollution;

Finally, since the tinnings lines of Baosteel were required to run around the clock, the time for equipment delivery, installation and commissioning must be kept as short as possible.

This created a great challenge for many vendors. Thanks to its compact REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler and experiences of successful applications at large steel mills abroad, the perfect evaluation scores on technology and business practices set REDEX apart from other outstanding vendors.

Being the First to REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler, its Applications Have Been Proven Worldwide.

The PMR 1300 used by REDEX on Baosteel's tinning line production Tension Multi Roll Leveler jointly developed by ARCELOR PACKAGING International, IRSID, and REDEX, following the RDI development standards of CECA.

PMR 1300 Tension Multi Roll Leveler can apply force on both tensile and bending deformation of the strip at the same time to achieve precise elongation control.

Thus, all fibers in the strip are stretched to the same length to obtain excellent flatness of the strip and effectively eliminate the internal stress of steel strip.

Mr. Jiang Ling, General manager of REDEX (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said: "This Tension Multi Roll Leveler is specially designed for very thin and hard steel strip with very limited residual elongation. It integrates our proprietary mechanical drive system and strip steel elongation control system, offering higher precision of strip steel elongation and tension without the risk of breaking the strip steel. In addition to modernizing an existing tinning line, it can be integrated into a new tinning line, ideal for materials in DWI, SR, and DR material grades with better effect on wave, coil set, crossbow, bending, micro buckle, and internal stress, etc.

It is worth to mention that the unit adopts the high quality innovative multi-roller compact design. The overall assembly and installation precision is below 0.02 mm. It also provides closed-loop intermesh gap control and closed-loop crown adjustment control, applicable to any strip steel. It can carry out reliable permanent setting of various thickness to ensure an advanced flexible Tension Multi Roll Leveler process with high efficiency and low energy consumption. The Tension Multi Roll Leveler effect can be increased by 50 %." The unique features and advantages of REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler has extensively been proven in a long term in applications at large steel mills such as ArcelorMittal, U.S. Steel, ThyssenKrupp, Tata Steel, POSCO, CSN ......

Easy and fast installation. REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler result exceeds expectation

Since the tinning’s lines are required to run around the clock, the time for equipment delivery, installation and commissioning must be minimized.

"At this point, our strengths were fully reflected. Under normal circumstances, the installation and commissioning would take two to three weeks. Our product was pre-assembled in the factory prior to delivery, requiring no on-site assembly. To ensure a successful acceptance, we also sent three French engineers to the work site.

As the result, it took only 8 days to complete the entire process of installation, commissioning and production nearly half a month ahead of the schedule, Mr. Jiang Ling added, "Baosteel held very high standard for acceptance. They ran all products once before reviewing for acceptance."

On the other hand, the feedbacks from Baosteel after two years of using the REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler indicate that: the improvement of strip shape performance (especially DR plate) is obvious; secondly, the operating speed is very stable with good coating result; the stable and failure free operation ensures the 7/24continuous production. In addition, the values fully meet the assessment for continuous production (e.g. the wave IU is improved from 100 to 4 and the longitudinal C-warp is reduced from the previous 50 mm-15 mm to the current 20 mm-10 mm), showing clearly technological advantages.

Establishing the New Standard in the Industry. Empowering the Steel Manufacturers to Expand Their International Presence

According to Mr. Jiang, for the past 5 years, REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler has dominated the tinplating application market with No. 1 market share. The cooperation with Baosteel allows REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler to be used on the tinplating production line in China for the first time.

It has helped Baosteel in solving the mass production issue of their tinning line and set a new benchmark for industry development.

With the growing domestic demand for high-end food packaging, beverage, packaging, medical and chemical packaging, the tin plating production line is deemed to gradually take over the place of the traditional aluminum lines. When the time comes, suppliers with the technologies of advanced tinplating units and supporting equipment such as REDEX Tension Multi Roll Leveler will be one step ahead in the international market competition and in a position to pursue for further development.

REDEX group, specialist in precision mechatronics for machine-tools and for the steel industry owns 3 industrial plants in Europe (France and Germany). With a consolidated turnover of almost 50M€ (90% is exported from France). REDEX employs more than 320 people throughout the world.

The global activity is supported by a wide network of subsidiaries and agents, including 3 high skilled service centers located in North America, Asia and Europe.

Technological progress, absolute commitment to quality and exceptional technical support are the fundamental values of REDEX.


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