AirLoc Wedgmounts® with B2 Pads Isolate Okuma Lathe on Third Floor

A large manufacturer in Wisconsin had various types of metal working equipment located on the third floor of a production building. An Okuma Crown Model L lathe with bar feeder, which had competitor's elastomer leveling mounts installed, was transmitting high levels of vibration into the floor affecting the performance of nearby precision machining centers. The vibration problem was most serious when feeding large brass bars. It was evident that not only were the existing leveling mounts not doing their job, but the machine had some rigid connections to the floor and other building structures. Working closely with the customer, AirLoc recommended a Wedgmount leveling / isolation system and suggested flexible connections be installed from the machine to the building structure. AirLoc 2006.1-VRC / B2, Bolt-on Wedgmounts were installed under the eight existing feet of the Okuma. The B2 pads were picked to provide optimum vibration isolation.

The results were dramatic with before and after vibration level testing showing a reduction of close to 95% in displacement on the floor next to the mounts. The comparison is more impressive based on the fact that original readings were made with the competitors mounts in place.

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