Microprocessor Development Systems

National Instruments Joins Freescale, IBM and Xilinx in Power.org Collaboration

NI Delivers Technology Leadership and Graphical System Design to Power Architecture Technology Nov. 20, 2007 - National Instruments today announced it has joined Power.org, an open and collaborative organization dedicated to developing and promoting Power Architecture technology as the preferred open standard platform for the electronics industry. Power Architecture technology, an instruction set...

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RadiSys Introduces MicroTCA Development Kit

Joint Solution with CorEdge Networks, Arrow Electronics allows telecom equipment manufacturers to develop network elements for Edge/access, WiMAX markets CHICAGO, June 19 /- RadiSys Corporation (NASDAQ:RSYS), a leading global provider of advanced embedded solutions, announced today the introduction of a MicroTCA platform development kit aimed at helping telecommunications equipment manufacturers...

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Application Kit helps build Rabbit-based PLC systems.

Embedded PLC Application Kit includes all hardware and software required to develop Rabbit-based PLC replacement system. With it, PLC developers can incorporate Rabbit hardware, which is programmable via included ISaGRAF v3.5 workbench software. Along with sample application programs, kit also includes Rabbit BL2500 SBC with Rabbit 3000 microprocessor, flash memory, DIO, analog I/O, serial ports,...

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Development Platform helps build portable multimedia devices.

Mobile-Media2000(TM) offers hardware platform, optimized multimedia codecs, and application firmware that integrates video, audio, voice, and imaging into single solution. CEVA-XS1200 hardware platform integrates X1620 DSP core with peripherals, system interfaces, memories, and interconnections, including 3D DMA engine, power management unit, and 4 TDM ports, as well as providing 64 KB of L1 data...

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In-Circuit Emulator System suits microcontroller devices.

MPLABÂ-® In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) 4000 provides real-time, in-circuit, low-voltage emulation down to 1.8 V. With interchangeable processor modules and device adapters, system consists of emulator pod, processor module, device adapter, and transition socket. Offerings include 64 K deep by 216-bit wide trace memory, up to 2 MB overlay memory, 48-bit time stamp, stopwatch, unlimited...

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