In-Circuit Emulator System suits microcontroller devices.

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MPLAB® In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) 4000 provides real-time, in-circuit, low-voltage emulation down to 1.8 V. With interchangeable processor modules and device adapters, system consists of emulator pod, processor module, device adapter, and transition socket. Offerings include 64 K deep by 216-bit wide trace memory, up to 2 MB overlay memory, 48-bit time stamp, stopwatch, unlimited breakpoints, and MPLAB Integrated Development Environment.

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Microchip Technology Debuts Premier Emulator System


CHANDLER, Ariz., Feb. 17, 2003 [NASDAQ: MCHP] - Microchip Technology Inc. today introduced the MPLAB(r) In-Circuit Emulator (ICE) 4000, the company's premier in-circuit emulator system for its high-end PIC18F Flash PICmicro(r) microcontrollers and dsPIC(tm) digital signal controller devices, providing full speed, low voltage emulation, interchangeable processor modules and device adapters. Offering advanced features typically found on more expensive development tools, the MPLAB ICE 4000 is available for the low cost of $2,560 (US).

MPLAB ICE 4000 is a modular system that consists of an emulator pod, processor module, device adapter and transition socket. The interchangeable components allow the system to be easily configured to emulate different PICmicro microcontrollers.

The small, portable and lightweight MPLAB ICE 4000 offers real-time in-circuit emulation and low-voltage emulation down to 1.8 volts. Features include a 64K deep by 216-bit wide trace memory, up to a 2MB overlay memory, a 48-bit time stamp, stopwatch and unlimited breakpoints. Triggers and breakpoints can be set on single, multiple, or sequences of events, and complex triggering provides sophisticated trace analysis and precision breakpoints. The trace analyzer, which is fully transparent, captures real-time execution addresses, op-codes and read/writes of external data, and a view of the trace can be performed without halting the processor. It also traces all file register RAM usage showing internal addresses and data transfers, as well as all access to special function registers, including I/O pins, timers, and peripherals. The MPLAB ICE 4000, which has a USB Interface and is Parallel Interface ready, supports code coverage profiling on program memory accesses.

Also included in the MPLAB ICE 4000 modular system are Microchip's MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE) featuring MPASM(tm) assembler, MPLAB programmer's editor, symbolic debugger and project manager with built-in support for high level language debugging. The emulator system runs on the Windows(r)-based MPLAB IDE, with the capability to edit, compile and emulate from a single application. The MPLAB desktop provides the development environment and tools for developing and debugging applications as a project, allowing quick movement between different development and debugging modes.

Available today, the MPLAB ICE 4000 Emulator Kit costs $2,560 and the processor module for the PIC18F6620, PIC18F6720, PIC18F8620 and PIC18F8720 devices (PMF18WA0) is $595. An MPLAB ICE 4000 device adapter (DAF18-1) is available for $225. A processor module for the PIC18C601 and PIC18C801 devices (PMF18WB1) and additional device support are scheduled to become available in Q2 CY03. Microchip's MPLAB ICE 2000 is still available and supports the company's PIC12, PIC16, PIC17 and PIC18 PICmicro microcontrollers. For additional information, contact any Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor or visit

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Microchip Technology Inc. manufactures the popular PICmicro(r) field-programmable RISC microcontrollers, which serve 8- and 16-bit embedded control applications, and a broad spectrum of high performance linear and mixed-signal, power management and thermal management devices. The Company also offers complementary microperipheral products including interface devices; microID(r) RFID devices; serial EEPROMs; and the patented KEELOQ(r) security devices. This synergistic product portfolio targets thousands of applications and a growing demand for high-performance designs in the automotive, communications, computing, consumer and industrial control markets. The Company's quality systems are ISO 9001 (1994 version) and QS9000 (1998 version) certified. Microchip is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona with design facilities in Mountain View, California, Bangalore, India; and a European Design Center in Lausanne, Switzerland; semiconductor fabrication facilities in Tempe and Chandler, Arizona; Gresham, Oregon; and Puyallup, Washington; and assembly and test operations near Bangkok, Thailand. Microchip employs approximately 3,350 people worldwide and has sales offices throughout Asia, Europe, Japan and the Americas. More information on the Company can be found at

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