Desiccants and Molecular Sieves (Adsorbents)

Desiccant Bags protect cargo from moisture damage.

With tear-resistant Tyvek-® construction, Sphinx Container Dri-® II Bags lower relative humidity (RH) inside container packaging, preventing condensation and resulting damage. Active desiccant ingredient is CaCl2, which is safe and non-toxic. Available in 50 and 125 g sizes, bags absorb up to 280% of their own weight in moisture at 90% RH @ 77-

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Charcoal Cloth offers high adsorption capabilities.

Zorflex(TM) features 100% pure activated charcoal, making it suited for filtration applications. One gram has microporous internal surface area of up to 1,400 square meters. Products utilizing Zorflex(TM) include nuisance vapor masks, dressings for malodorous wounds, anti-tarnish linings for museum display cases, as well as nuclear, biological, and chemical protection wear.

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Indicating Desiccant is environmentally safe.

Sphinx Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant changes color from yellow to green as it adsorbs up to 35% of its own weight in moisture. Desiccant contains no cobalt chloride, is biologically harmless, and may be regenerated and fully reactivated by heating. Product has high bulk density of 49 lb/ft-³ and greater than 45 lb crush strength. It replaces electronic dew-point indicators and humidity...

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Media-Based Adsorber removes airborne gaseous contaminants.

CitySorb(TM) CH uses Indoor Air Quality Method to minimize amount of outdoor air introduced to remove building contaminants. It installs in side-access filter housings or built-up banks using integral 1 in. nominal header. Resistance to airflow is 0.38 in. w.g. at 500 fpm velocity. Variety of media blends suit different requirements ranging from odor and VOC removal in HVAC systems to control of...

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