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HydroFlow Products Added to EriezXpress Next Day Shipping Program

Aug 26, 2013

Erie, PA – A variety of filtration and fluid recycling products in the Eriez® HydroFlow® line have been added to the EriezXpress™ quick ship program, which guarantees next-day shipment upon credit approval. Through EriezXpress, orders received at Eriez by 4 p.m. EST will be processed and shipped the next business day. The HydroFlow products that are now a part of EriezXpress include... Read More

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Elastec/American Marine Wins Top Prize at Warsaw Event

Oct 16, 2012

Carmi, IL USA - Elastec/American Marine continues to earn awards for its innovative grooved disc oil skimming technology. Peter Cheney, who represents the Carmi, Ill.-based environmental products manufacturer in Europe from his base in Estonia, accepted the Nafta Gaz Grand Prix Award at Oil & Gas Warsaw 2012, an industry conference and exhibition held in September in Poland's capital city. It was... Read More

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MPI to Display Efficient, Eco-Friendly Equipment at IMTS 2012

Jul 02, 2012

Highland, MI - Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI), a worldwide provider of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions, will display a number of inventive products at IMTS in Chicago from September 10 - 15, 2012. Products to be featured in MPI booth #E5803 include: Eco-Mag® The award-winning Eco-Mag® is a high-intensity magnetic filter which significantly improves filtration... Read More

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Combination Pump and Skimmer removes dye penetrant from water.

Mar 04, 2011

Developed for dye penetrant application, TKO-1 0-DP pump/skimmer pulls penetrant from surface of tank through floating inlet device using air-operated pump, separates penetrant from rinse water via proprietary permanent separator element, and returns water continuously to rinse tank. System installs in shop of dye penetrant user and reduces waste from dye penetrant area by 75% while also... Read More

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Abanaki Oil Skimmers Meet Unique Needs of the Automotive Industry

Jan 25, 2011

CLEVELAND-- Abanaki Corporation oil skimmers offer cost-effective ways to solve a variety of issues related to the automotive industry. A large automaker required assistance retrieving over sprayed automotive wax from their wash water system. The automaker was sacrificing time and money at the hands of aging, labor-intensive equipment that offered poor removal rates. The specially designed... Read More

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Siemens Supplies Water Treatment Plant for New Steelworks in Slovakia

Nov 10, 2010

recycling cooling water protects the environment Siemens has received an order from Slovakia Steel Mills, a.s (SSM) in Strázské, Slovakia, to supply a water treatment plant for its new steelworks. The plant will treat the water used for direct and indirect cooling and is scheduled to come on stream by the end of 2010. The order is worth some ten million euros. The mini mill of Slovakia... Read More

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Abanaki Oil Skimmers Enable Mines to Reuse Wash Water in Wash Bays

May 18, 2010

CLEVELAND, Ohio - May 11, 2010 -Abanaki Corporation announced a full range of oil skimmers to solve the unique cleaning problems the mining industry faces. Typically located in remote areas, wastewater treatment facilities are often not available, so water must be reused onsite. Oil skimming cost-effectively removes oil from water in wash bays so that the water can either evaporate or can be... Read More

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Abanaki Oil Skimmers Provide Non-Pump Solution for Groundwater Remediation

Mar 11, 2010

Skimmers eliminate the need to treat water; remove only hydrocarbons from well CLEVELAND, Ohio - Abanaki Corporation, the world leader in oil skimmer products, offers an arsenal of oil skimmers to remove hydrocarbons from groundwater at low cost. Oil skimming is the only non-pump solution for groundwater remediation. With products from the PetroXtractor to its belt and tube skimmer models,... Read More

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Abanaki Oil Grabber ® Oil Skimmer Provides Lowest-Cost Method for Removing Grease and Oil from Food Processing Wastewater

Feb 24, 2010

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Abanaki Corporation offers the Oil Grabber® Model 8 oil skimmer for the food processing industry where plant maintenance engineers are looking for the lowest cost, most reliable method of removing food greases and oils from the wastewater stream. Abanaki skimmers use the differences in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water, allowing the belt to attract... Read More

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Oil Skimmer features 2 in. wide belt.

Oct 09, 2009

Available with poly or stainless steel belting, B Series Belt Skimmer features rugged, heavy-duty steel construction and fan-cooled motor in various electrical configurations. Suited for large surface area sumps or central tank applications, skimmer is offered in various lengths. Read More

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Disk Skimmer removes tramp oils from coolants.

Sep 02, 2009

Constructed with polymer housing that will not corrode, Disk Oil Skimmer features ½ x 12 in. warp-resistant plastic disk and 110 V fan-cooled gearmotor. Wiper holder system prevents oil from dripping, while boomerang-shape wiper blade extends over edge of receiving trough, providing extra inch of wiping area and maximizing capacity of skimmer. Shaft is sealed to prevent premature motor wear... Read More

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Tube Skimmer removes free-floating surface oils at 100 gph.

Jul 29, 2009

Utilizing oil-attracting, ¾ in. dia, continuous looped floating tube with up to 100 ft reach, Oil Viper Tube Skimmer removes free-floating surface oils found in industrial or food-processing wastewater. Unit suits both shallow and deep applications, and features safety shutoff that stops motor as well as tube when cover is opened. Compact design fits any tank or pit, while unique wiper... Read More

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Oil Skimmer offers solar-powered option.

Jul 10, 2009

Designed for tanks with depths ranging from 1-100 ft, Oil Grabber® Model 8 features continuous belt with wiper to remove up to 40 gallons of oil/hour from fluid surface. Self-contained unit is powered by 12 V motor that runs off deep-cycle battery, which in turn is recharged by adjustable solar panel. Solar option makes unit portable and suited for locations far from electric service, such as... Read More

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Zebra Skimmers, B Series Belt Skimmers Line, Offers Optional Outboard Motor Shaft for Improved Motor and Belt Life

Jun 24, 2009

Cleveland, OH-Zebra Skimmers Corporation, a full line manufacturer of oil skimmers and fluid maintenance equipment, introduces a new option for B Series Belt Skimmer line. "This new option was designed for customers who utilize our B Series belt skimmers in heated fluid environments, or where this fluid contains harsh chemicals, as both can cause premature motor wear. The outboard motor shaft not... Read More

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Cog Belts Eliminate Slippage On Oil Skimmers!

May 05, 2009

It has been reported to Wayne Products Inc. by new Mini-Skimmer(TM) prospects and customers, that some competitive oil skimmers fail in service due to belt slippage. All reported problem skimmers have had flat belts. The two causes of slippage were that tension could not be maintained between pulleys and/or that slippery sludge or swart accumulates on the upper drive pulley causing slippage. It... Read More

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Portable Coalescer features indicator gages.

Apr 22, 2009

Oasis(TM) portable coalescer separates tramp oil and fine particles from water-based fluids, such as metalworking fluid. It features ON/OFF lever to activate power to air pump, labeled gages and filters for reference, and Odor Control Capsule to eliminate foul coolant odors. Sidewinder(TM) Tube Skimmer helps in removing oil effectively. Read More

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New Feature Options for Zebra Skimmers' Sidewinder(TM) Tube Skimmer

Jul 30, 2008

18 July 2008 Cleveland, OH -- Zebra Skimmers Corporation, a full-line manufacturer of oil skimmers and coolant maintenance equipment, recently introduced new feature options for its Sidewinder(TM) Tube Skimmer. "Sidewinder has proved itself to be versatile among various applications. These new options make it even more so by saving energy, time, and labor. We look forward to offering these new... Read More