Recovery Tip Attachment recovers hydrocarbon liquids.

Press Release Summary:

Automated skimming system Model LNAPL is designed for free product recovery of hydrocarbon liquids from 2 in. or larger wells without removing groundwater. Tip attaches to lower portion of top head drive Pneumatic Trident and explosion-proof Electric Anchor pumps. Skimmer is designed to float with inlet positioned at water or product level. Hydrophobic element intake at center of float allows only hydrocarbon liquids to pass through skimming system.

Original Press Release:

Blackhawk Environmental's New LNAPL Recovery Attachment Recovers Hydrocarbon Liquids Without Removing Groundwater

LNAPL Recovery Tip Keeps Costs Down and Recovery Rates High

Glen Ellyn, IL - BLACKHAWK ENVIRONMENTAL COMPANY, the leading manufacturer of top head drive positive displacement piston pumps, introduces their NEW LNAPL (Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids) Recovery Tip Attachment. Blackhawk's LNAPL Recovery Tip Attachment, an automated skimming system for free product recovery, is designed to recover only hydrocarbon liquids, not groundwater, from two inch or larger wells. The recovery tip is attached to the lower portion of the top head drive Blackhawk Environmental's Pneumatic Trident and explosion-proof Electric Anchor Pumps. Using the LNAPL tip with the Blackhawk Piston Pumps results in a lower treatment cost because no excess water, which would have to be treated, is extracted with the product. Also being a positive displacement pump, the Blackhawk Environmental Piston pumps generate strong suction at the point of product intake ensuring the recovery and none clogging of viscous liquids or biofouling masses.

The Blackhawk LNAPL skimmer is designed to float with the inlet positioned at the water or product level. At the center of the float is a hydrophobic element intake that only allows hydrocarbon liquids to pass through the skimming system, which effectively recovers the liquids. The skimming system is constructed of polyethylene, stainless steel, urethane tubing, hydrophobic materials, nitrophyl float, brass fittings and PVC.

For over 10 years, Blackhawk Environmental Co. has provided field-tested piston-pumping solutions for petrochemical, refinery, manufactured gas plant, environmental, landfill and groundwater remediation applications. Blackhawk specializes in manufacturing quality pumps and controls for demanding pumping applications. Blackhawk pumps can be powered pneumatically or electrically and can work in hazardous or potentially hazardous environments.

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