Water-Borne Epoxy Coating creates fast-drying floor finish.

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With mix ratio of 4A:1B, Monomid(TM) Epoxy Flooring System forms cleanable, high-gloss finish. It offers 5 mils DFT in one coat when applied over Monomid Clear Sealer and can be applied over various other primers for application on steel. Solution supports addition of anti-slip aggregate or sand and also offers moisture resistance. In 3 hr at 77ºF, coating dries to touch to form abrasion- and chemical-resistant finish. Use is suited for industries requiring low odor and VOC levels.

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Monomid(TM) Water-borne Epoxy Offers Fast Dry, Affordable Flooring

Coating Belongs to Steelcote Family, a trusted name for 100 years.

(St. Louis, MO) - Chemline's Steelcote division introduces the Monomid Flooring system as part of its Steelcote family of easy-to-use water-borne epoxy coatings. These coatings are engineered to improve end-user productivity by helping facility owners and coatings applicators save time and money on coating - without sacrificing quality. This information is according to John Henningsen, spokesperson for Chemline.

Monomid Epoxy Flooring System is an easy-to-mix (4A:1B), epoxy that forms an attractive, easily cleaned high gloss finish. The coating offers five mils DFT in a single coat when applied over Monomid Clear Sealer. (This coating is formulated with a water-reducible epoxy resin so it will comply with FDA Title 21, Section 175.300 for use in food processing and packaging facilities.) Monomid Epoxy Flooring System also can be applied over a variety of other primers for application on steel. Plus anti-slip aggregate or sand can be easily added.

Monomid Epoxy Flooring System offers outstanding, early, moisture resistance. In just three hours at 77ºF (25ºC), it dries to touch to form an abrasion- and chemical-resistant finish with superior gloss and color retention. The fast-turnaround coating is ideal for use by the food processing, healthcare and breweries and other industries where low odor and low VOC are required.

The development of the Monomid Epoxy Flooring System is the result of listening to customer needs. "Whether they're coating the floor of an aviation hangar, structural steel or walls of a manufacturing facility, industrial specifiers and applicators have long had a common desire," says John Henningsen of Chemline. "In simple terms, they want everything to go faster and cost a little less." All of the Monomid Epoxy Flooring System offer significant benefits, either by reducing application and labor costs, faster return to service of a facility, or lowering VOC emissions.

The STEELCOTE Division of Chemline is a manufacturer of high performance epoxies, polyurethanes and alkyd paints for use in a wide variety of industrial and construction industries. For more information contact Steelcote or visit their web site: www.steelcotemfg.com

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