UV Adhesive Enables Packagers To Replace PVC With PET, RPET And A-PET -Providing An Environmentally Favorable Alternative For Clamshell And Blister Packages

Torrington, CT: Packagers and major retailers, responding to consumer protest against using toxic PVC materials, are seeking cost-efficient UV adhesive solutions from DYMAX Corporation to develop safer, affordable PVC-alternative packaging alternatives.

DYMAX Ultra Light-Weld 3083 adhesive provides an economical, fast, heat-free and solvent-free structural seal that easily and securely bonds less-pliant PET, R-PET and A-PET clamshell and blister substrates.

Ultra Light-Weld 3083 adhesive, applied and UV cured in just seconds, is especially well-suited for achieving secure, high-speed, fast throughput package sealing. With no dedicated package tooling or equipment required, package sealing, product changeover and labor costs are kept to a minimum.

DYMAX, a single-source supplier of both resin and UV curing equipment, provides an optimally balanced and fully compatible resin and UV curing system. Automated production systems include automated and semi-automated syringe dispensing and conveyor curing systems or separate dispense, roll coat and stand alone curing units. Single component Ultra-Light Weld adhesive is available in syringes, cartridges, bottles and pails and can be automatically dispensed and cured in-line or manually applied and cured off-line.

DYMAX Corporation is a technology-based company specializing in the formulation, manufacture and service of advanced assembly adhesives and light curing systems.

For more information, contact DYMAX Corporation, 51 Greenwoods Road, Torrington, CT 06790; Phone: 860-482-1010; Fax: 860-496-0608; Toll Free: 1-877-DYMAX-UV (1-877-396-2988); e-mail: info@dymax.com, or visit our website at http://www.dymax.com/products/packaging/index.php

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