Toolroom Lathe offers max cut diameter of 16 in.

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Model TL-2 utilizes 12 hp, vector dual drive spindle, which spins to 1,800 rpm and provides 150 lb-ft of torque at 125 rpm. Max cutting length is 48 in. Max part swing is 19 in. over front apron and 11.1 in. over cross slide. Intuitive Turning System provides full-color graphical environment on LCD, which guides operator through steps necessary to machine part. Model TL-2 can operate in manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and full CNC modes.

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Haas Expands Line of Toolroom Lathes

When Haas Automation introduced the TL-1 Toolroom Lathe in 2003, it was an instant success. Combining the functionality and simplicity of a manual lathe with the power and flexibility of the Haas CNC control, it was - and still is - the perfect machine for toolrooms and shops transitioning to CNC.

Haas has now expanded its line of toolroom products with the new TL-2 Toolroom Lathe, which provides all the advantages of the original TL-1, plus more power and larger capacity - all for a base price less than $27,000 (US). And Haas' new Intuitive Turning System software makes the TL-2 extremely easy to set up and operate - without knowledge of G-code programming.

The Haas TL-2 provides a maximum cutting diameter of 16" and a maximum cutting length of 48". It has a maximum part swing of 19" over the front apron and 11.1" over the cross slide. A powerful 12-hp (peak) vector dual drive spindle spins to 1,800 rpm and provides 150 ft-lb of torque at 125 rpm. On-the-fly wye-delta switching yields a wide horsepower band for constant surface feed cuts. An A2-6 spindle nose is standard, and a 10" scroll chuck is optional. The spindle bore is 3.0". The TL-2 features a one-piece cast-iron base that damps vibration and provides rigidity for heavy cuts, and an optional manual tailstock and steadyrest are available. The machine runs on either single- or three-phase power.

The TL-2 features Haas' new Intuitive Turning System - a proprietary conversational operating system that makes cutting parts and creating part programs nearly effortless. Through an interactive graphical environment - using full-color graphics on a liquid crystal display (LCD) - the control guides the operator through the steps necessary to machine a part. The operator touches off the X and Z surfaces, and then enters basic machining information - feedrate, spindle speed, depth of cut, etc. - as prompted. Once all information is entered, the machinist simply pushes Cycle Start and the machine performs the desired operation. A Recorder function allows multiple operations to be saved, so that the information can be retrieved and the part duplicated.

Operations that would be difficult or even impossible on a manual machine, such as compound angles, radii, tapers, profiles, ID and OD threading and rigid tapping, are all possible on the TL-2 - without knowledge of G-code programming.

For extreme versatility, the TL-2 operates in four modes. In manual mode, X and Z axes are moved via manual handwheels (or the electronic jog handle), with the Haas control providing precise digital read-out (DRO) of position; electronic soft stops may be set to limit the travels of the lathe. In semi-automatic mode, the TL-2 performs dual-axis simultaneous linear interpolation, such as chamfers and tapers, using a single handwheel, again with accurate, easy-to-read DRO. In automatic mode, the TL-2 has built-in machining cycles for rough and finish profiling, radiuses, chamfering, grooving, threading, drilling and tapping. In full CNC, the TL-2 is programmed using standard G code, and all axes are controlled by the Haas control.

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