Thermal Gap Filler Pads offer elasticity and consistency.

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SARCON® XR-e and XR-j offer thermal conductivity of 11 and 14 watt/m-K, respectively, which produces thermal resistance of 0.11 to 0.14 in²/W for XR-e and 0.09 to 0.12 in²/W for XR-j. Both pads offer flame retardant specifications satisfactory to UL94 V-0 class. Made from silicone compound, flexible pads conform to various design considerations and multiple component heights. They adhere to components of various shapes and sizes.

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Fujipoly Announces High Performance Thermal Gap Filler Pads with Excellent Consistency and Elasticity

Carteret, NJ - Monday, September 09, 2002- Fujipoly of America Corporation introduces the SARCON® XR-e and XR-j Thermal Gap Filler Pads that feature superior thermal conductivity and thermal resistance, as well as excellent consistency and elasticity. The high performance and materials of the SARCON XR-e and XR-j make the silicone gel sheets well suited for filling air gaps and uneven surfaces in a variety of electronic designs, including the Computer, Consumer, Communications, Automotive and Industrial markets.

Fujipoly's SARCON XR-e and XR-j Thermal Gap Filler Pads have thermal conductivity of 11 watt/m-K and 14 watt/m-K, respectively. The thermal conductivity produces thermal resistance of 0.11 - 0.14 inch²/Watt for the SARCON XR-e and 0.09 - 0.12 inch²/Watt for the SARCON XR-j. Both Thermal Gap Filler Pads have flame retardancy that satisfies UL94 V-0 class.

Made from silicone compound, the SARCON XR-e and XR-j are flexible enough to conform to a variety of design considerations such as tolerance backups and multiple component heights. The Thermal Gap Filler Pads can easily adhere to components in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including protrusions and recessed areas and are also available in custom die-cut pieces.

SARCON XR-e and XR-j Thermal Gap Filler Pads are especially applicable to design applications where space between surfaces is uneven or varies and where surface textures are a concern in gaining the most efficient thermal transfer. When the pads are mounted on substrates or at heat sink junctions, thermal impedance can be virtually eliminated, yielding higher temperature transfer gradients.

Thermal management components are necessary for maintaining a device's power while decreasing its size and weight. SARCON XR-e and XR-j Thermal Gap Filler Pads complement the most stringent of design considerations to complement increasingly miniature electronic design objectives.

Among the many applications for Fujipoly SARCON XR-e and XR-j Thermal Filler Pads are heat pipes, microprocessors, thermal conductive insulators for semiconductors, compression jointing materials for thermistors and temperature sensors and thermal conductive material for a variety of heater types.

Fujipoly's SARCON Thermal Gap Filler Pads are available in seven series. Each is available with a hardened top surface for the most demanding applications such as die-cutting and installation stresses. They are constructed from an advanced silicone rubber with high thermal conductivity and are highly flame-retardant. By combining the inherent silicone rubber properties of heat resistance, electrical insulation and long-term aging into one compound, this universally applicable material can be made in an unlimited number of thermal management configurations from 0.3 mm to 5.0 mm in a variety of treatments to facilitate cutting, handling and installation.

Prices are as low as .15 per square per square inch. Delivery of custom samples can be produced in one week. Low production volumes can be produced in two weeks while high production volumes can be produced in four to six weeks.

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