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Materials & Material Processing, Safety & Security Equipment

Sarcon® 20GAR Thermal Interface Material is suitable for complex die-cut shapes.

Oct 13, 2017

Sarcon® 20GAR Thermal Interface Material is available in rolls, pre-cut sheets or it can be die-cut to the required shape. Unit is suitable for appliance motor drives, electric vehicle motor drives, solar inverters and inductive heating cookers applications. 0.2 mm thick material is operated in a temperature range of ‐40°C to +150°C and delivers thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m•K.... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thermal Interface Material comes with UL94 flame retardant rating.

Sep 28, 2017

Sarcon® EGR-11F Thermal Interface Material is available in sheet thicknesses of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5mm. Unit comes in 300mm x 200mm maximum dimension and offers thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/m°K and a thermal resistance of 1.05°Cin2/W. Product is operated in a temperature range of -30 to +120°C. Material enables user to fill unwanted air gaps to provide efficient heat transfer.

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Thermal Gap Filler Pads come with UL94 flame retardant rating.

May 27, 2017

Available in four sheet thicknesses of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0mm up to maximum dimension of 300mm x 200mm, Sarcon® PG80A Thermal Gap Filler Pads are operated from -40 to +150°C temperature range. Exhibiting thermal resistance below 0.08°C-in2/W at 14.5 PSI, units are suitable for delicate or wide-variation component heights applications.

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SPG-30B Thermal Gap Filler does not cause corrosion on metal surfaces.

Mar 30, 2017

Delivering 3.1 W/m°K of thermal conductivity with 0.33°Cin2/W thermal resistance, SPG-30B Thermal Gap Filler eliminates performance-hindering air gaps ranging from .08mm to 1.0mm. Available in 30ml pre-filled syringes or 325ml cartridges, product maintains all properties across -40°C to + 150°C temperature range. Filler is used for filling spaces, gaps and protrusions when it is compressed... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices

Gold Series 8000C Connector offers less than 25 mÙ resistance.

Nov 18, 2016

Transferring both data and power between parallel components and circuit boards, Zebra® Gold Series 8000C connector exhibits remarkably low electrical resistance. Wrapped with 166 parallel rows of flat, gold-plated copper wires per inch, unit offers low durometer silicone core construction. With lengths of .200" to 6.00" and heights of .10” to 1.0”, device’s 0.025mm x 0.076mm... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thermal Interface Materials optimize heatsink performance.

Jun 02, 2016

Available in thicknesses of 0.2, 0.3, and 0.45 mm, Sarcon® GAR Thin Films deliver high thermal conductivity of 3.0 W/m°K while exhibiting thermal resistance as low as .17°C in.²/W. Glass fabric reinforced materials exert low force on components as they fill near-microscopic air gaps between heatsink and board-level heat sources. Supplied in rolls, pre-cut sheets, and die-cut shapes,... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thermal Interface Thin Film improves heatsink cooling performance.

Feb 23, 2016

Available to electronic packaging engineers, Sarcon® YR-c delivers thermal conductivity of 4.0 W/m°K with thermal resistance of .08°Cin.²/W. V-0 rated thin film thermal interface product, when placed between heat source and nearby heatsink, eliminates near-microscopic air gaps between components. Suited for applications with -40 to +150°C operational range,... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thermal Interface Material combines soft touch, high performance.

Jan 29, 2016

Exhibiting thermal resistance down to 0.08°C in.²/W @ 14 psi, Sarcon® PG80A low-compression force, putty-like thermal interface material suits applications that have delicate or wide-variation component heights and require 30%–90% material compression. Gap filler pad (13 W/m°K) gently conforms to component shapes and uneven surfaces to transfer heat from source to nearby... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Gap Filler exhibits low thermal resistance.

Nov 24, 2015

Available in sheets from 0.3–3.0 mm thick, Sarcon® GR80A can be die-cut to fit almost any application shape. Silicone-based material completely fills air gaps between uneven components, board protrusions, and recessed areas while exhibiting very low pressure. When placed between heat source such as semiconductor and nearby heat sink, thermal interface material provides thermal conductivity... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices

Silver Connector supports LCD to PCB connections.

Oct 29, 2015

With current carrying capacity up to 300 mA per square .040 in., Series 5002 Silver Zebra® Connector exhibits contact resistance of less than 500 mΩ. Interconnect device creates redundant electrical contact through design that incorporates 240 alternating layers of silver-filled conductive elastomer and non-conductive silicone material per inch of connector. Precise construction provides... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Materials & Material Processing

Thermal Compound supports form-in-place gap filling.

Sep 30, 2015

Capable of filling large gaps around fragile circuit board solder points without causing damage or loss in performance, 5.0 W/m°K SARCON® SPG-50A facilitates efficient transfer of heat from any board-level source to nearby heat sink or heat spreader. Silicon based material provides optimized vibration absorption capabilities and maintains all initial properties across wide temperature range... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices

Sponge Connectors attach LCD panels to circuit boards.

May 28, 2015

Made from Zebra® core that is sandwiched between 2 soft sponge supports, Self-Supporting Sponge Connectors are available in multitude of widths to accommodate LCDs with minimum glass lip overhang of 0.060 in. Carbon-based connectors can be ordered with 140, 240, or 500 conductive layers per inch and provide current carrying capacity of .050 mA per .040 x .040 in. pad. Requiring minimal... Read More

Mounting & Attaching Products

Stock and Custom Gaskets improve electronics cooling efficacy.

Nov 28, 2014

Die-cut thermal interface gaskets transfer heat from electronic components to surrounding environment. When placed between heat source and heatsink, products conform to all uneven surfaces and fill any air gaps. There are 12+ Sarcon® thermal interface material formulations available, and physical characteristics also allow use as low-pressure mounting cushion to prevent... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thermal Interface Material is soft and highly conformable.

Nov 03, 2014

When placed on top of uneven components, Sarcon® PG25A conforms to all gaps, peaks, and air pockets. This results in level, large surface area contact point. Physical contact allows heatsink to efficiently remove unwanted heat. Offered in 9 thicknesses from 1.0–5.00 mm, this 2.5 W/m°K thermal interface material consists of soft, gel-like compound, manufactured in sheet... Read More

Chemicals & Chemical Processing, Materials & Material Processing

Silicone Compound has low thermal resistance, high conductivity.

Sep 19, 2014

With low-viscosity formula that facilitates dispensing, SARCON® SPG-20B delivers thermal conductivity of 2.1 W/m°K and thermal resistance of 1.8°C cm²/W. This form-in-place thermal interface compound, when applied between heat-generating component and nearby heat sink or spreader, completely fills all unwanted gaps. Form-stable solution does not require any heat... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Silicone-Based Material improves semiconductor performance.

Jul 30, 2014

Available as 1.0 mm thick sheet, Sarcon® XR-Pe delivers thermal conductivity of 11 W/m°K with thermal resistance as low as .06°C in.²/W. Silicone-based material conforms to most CPU and semiconductor shapes with minimal compression force requirement, and soft-touch characteristic is maintained for applications that require material compression from 30%–90%. Supporting use from -40... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thin Film exhibits high thermal conductivity.

Mar 31, 2014

When placed between heat source, such as semiconductor and heatsink, 0.3 mm thick Sarcon® 30-YR-a Thin Film effectively eliminates near-microscopic air gaps that exist between components. V-0 rated product, available in 36 or 85 mm width rolls or die-cut to requirements, has -60 to +180°C operating range and exhibits thermal conductivity of 2.2 W/m°K with thermal resistance of .28°C... Read More

Electrical Equipment & Systems, Electronic Components & Devices

Electronics Connector has 500 contact points per inch.

Feb 26, 2014

Suited for densely packed boards, 2005 Zebra® Connector features construction with alternating layers of conductive carbon and non-conductive silicone as thin as 0.0004 in. This allows for 500 conductive layers per inch. Product is commonly used to connect LCDs directly to circuit board with contact spacing as close as .010 in. Current carrying capacity is 50 mA per .040 x .040... Read More

Materials & Material Processing

Thermal Interface Pads offer low thermal resistance.

Oct 10, 2002

SARCON® SF-Nd Phase Change Thermal Interface Pads have thermal conductivity of 2.0 W/m-K and thermal resistance of only 0.015°C inch²/W, at 85 psi. When junction temperature reaches 60°C, phase change material changes from solid state and begins to flow, filling all micro-pores of component and heat sink. Wetting action removes all pockets of air, providing best possible heat... Read More

Materials & Material Processing, Mechanical Components and Assemblies

Thermal Gap Filler Pads offer elasticity and consistency.

Sep 17, 2002

SARCON® XR-e and XR-j offer thermal conductivity of 11 and 14 watt/m-K, respectively, which produces thermal resistance of 0.11 to 0.14 in²/W for XR-e and 0.09 to 0.12 in²/W for XR-j. Both pads offer flame retardant specifications satisfactory to UL94 V-0 class. Made from silicone compound, flexible pads conform to various design considerations and multiple component heights. They adhere... Read More

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