Stainless Steel Paint protects metal.

Press Release Summary:

Duralco(TM) 6105 SP Stainless Steel Paint combines corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel with 1200 deg F temperature protection. Protective coating cures overnight at room temperature (or air dries in 15 to 30 minutes) to form protective layer of stainless steel. Suitable for protecting metal pipes, stacks, boilers, furnaces, and heat exchangers, paint coats and protects up to 30 square ft of metal per can.

Original Press Release:

Duralco(TM) 6105 SP 1200 degree F Stainless Steel Paint - Two Products for the Price of ONE!

New Duralco(TM) 6105 SP, Stainless Steel Paint Combines the Corrosion Resistance of 316L Stainless Steel with The High Temperature Protection of Cotronics' Specialty Binders to Form a 1200 deg F, Protective Coating.

Easy to use. Just shake, spray and dry. Duralco(TM) 6105 SP cures at room temperature to form a protective layer of stainless steel.

Economical. Just one can coats and protects up to 30 square feet of metal.

Duralco(TM) 6105 SP offers excellent high temperature chemical, corrosion and solvent resistance. It is the ideal choice for coating high temperature equipment, stacks, boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers, piping engines.

Can be used to extend the life of boilers, furnaces, heat exchangers, piping, engines, etc.

New, Duralco(TM) 6105 SP Stainless Steel Paint is available in easy to use, 7 oz. spray cans complete with data sheets and instructions for $16.95. (Also available in case pack quantities.)

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