Repair Epoxy forms machinable aluminum layer.

Press Release Summary:

Packaged in pre-measured job sized kits, 450°F Machine-IT features sticky consistency that holds assemblies or parts together while curing. Product offers adhesion to smooth, rough, or porous surfaces, and most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, and wood. Curing in 2-4 hours, epoxy forms hard, metallic composite that can be machined, tapped, drilled, and threaded. Machine-IT is suited for high temperature repairs, rebuilding, and assembling.

Original Press Release:

New, 450ºF, Machine IT Forms a Solid, Machinable, Metallic, Aluminum Layer. Ideal for Bonding, Repairing.

Convenient pre-measured job sized kits. Just dispense, mix and apply. Machine IT HT instantly goes to work, making impossible repairs in just minutes.

Easy to Use
Packaged in Convenient pre-measured job sized kits. Just mix and trowel on to apply. No running, dripping or sagging. No need for molds, fixtures or clamps. Its sticky consistency will hold assemblies or parts together while curing.

Excellent Adhesion without Objectionable Odors
Machine- IT has excellent adhesion to smooth, rough or porous surfaces, most plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, wood, etc. Goes right to work, quickly curing at room temperature without any objectionable odors.

Machine- IT cures in 2-4 hours to form a hard, durable, metallic composite that is easily machined with standard tools. Can also be tapped, drilled and threaded, etc.

Applications Include
High temperature repairs, rebuilding, assembling, etc. Rebuilds surfaces and even fills gaps and voids. Makes critical repairs to machinery and precision parts. It is the ideal choice for the most critical repairs.

A trial kit is available for only $34.95 ea. Each kit comes complete with instructional booklet and a FREE copy of Cotronics' Latest, 2006, "High Temperature Materials Handbook.

Quantity and Production pricing is available upon request.

All of Cotronics' Products are Formulated for Ease of Use and With Safety in Mind

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