Remtec Expands Its Enhanced Power Transfer

Norwood, MA - Remtec, the leading manufacturer of substrates and packages with Plated Copper on Thick Film (PCTF®) metallization, has expanded its copper plated Power Transfer Via (PTV)(TM) technology into demanding electronic packaging applications required in RF & DC power circuits, ranging from chip scale packages to power modules.

By merging the highly thermally and electrically conductive Power Transfer Vias (PTV) with its core PCTF technology, Remtec has achieved a miniaturized, high performance and cost effective packaging solution for high power GaN, GaAs, Si, and SiC devices. The performance benefits of this universal packaging solution are high current carrying capacity (in excess of 50 AMP), low lead inductance, excellent heat removal (thermal resistance below 1oC/W), low loss RF signal transition at broad frequency range (to mm wave) and an improved TCE match with printed circuit boards and heat sinks.

Remtec's new PTV vias, combined with other PCTF features, are used in applications when smaller, lower cost packages (hermetic and non-hermetic), higher switching speeds, efficient heat removal and higher power and integration levels are required. RF power amplifiers, leadless SMT ceramic packages, chip scale interposers, MOSFET and eGaN transistors packaging, flip chip packaging of high power semiconductor devices and multichip modules (MCM) are typical examples.

PCTF substrates and packages with PTV vias are fully compatible with all common assembly methods such as SMT reflow solder, gold tin brazing and eutectic die attach, gold and aluminum wire and ribbon bonding, ball grid arrays and flip chip technology.

Remtec, a ROHS compliant and ISO 9001:2008 certified company, operates a manufacturing facility totaling 33,000 sq. ft. in Norwood, MA. Remtec provides custom and semi-custom packaging solutions for DC power electronics, optoelectronics and RF/MW products in commercial and military industries.

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