Programmable Resistor Ladder Modules feature sense lead equipped channels.

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Suitable for simulation of resistance-based sensors, process control and ATE calibration devices, EMX-70XX Programmable Resistor Ladder Modules are available in EMX-7004, EMX-7005, EMX-7006, and EMX-7007 models. Featuring programmable setting range from 163 kΩ to 16,383 MΩ, units offer ≤ ±25 μV thermal offset and 0.5 W power rating for each channel. EMX-7004 module provides ±0.02% accuracy and 1 Ω to 16,383 Ω resistance range.

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EMX- 70XX Series PXIe Precision Programmable Resistor Ladder Modules Provide Four Independent Resistor Channels

AMETEK VTI Instruments ( today announced the introduction of its EMX-70XX Series of Precision Programmable Resistor Ladder Modules, the latest addition to its family of PXI Express (PXIe) functional test solutions.

As part of the EMX family of products, these modules can be mixed and matched with other EMX series modules to configure high-density measurement and switching systems. The EMX-70XX Series is designed for such applications as precision simulation of RTDs and other resistance-based sensors; process control; ATE calibration; controlled loading of devices under test (DUTs); and potentiometer simulation.

All of the modules in the EMX-70XX Series can provide four independent channels of programmable resistors, with four decades per channel. Each channel is equipped with its own sense leads for feedback.

The EMX-7004 module is designed to deliver exceptional stability and accuracy (up to ±0.02% of programmed value ±0.5 Ω) for any resistance value from 1 Ω to 16,383 Ω. It can be adjusted in 1 Ω increments, either through the software application programming interface (API) or the dynamic soft front panel provided.

The EMX-7005, EMX-7006, and EMX-7007 modules are optimized for applications requiring higher resistance values, with programmable settings ranging from 163 kΩ to 16,383 MΩ. All four cards offer a 0.5 W power rating and low thermal offset (≤ ±25 μV). IVI-COM, IVI-C, and LabVIEW™ drivers for the modules are included. The EMX-7014, EMX-7015, and EMX-7016 are available for general purpose applications with less stringent accuracy requirements.

“The EMX-70XX Series is designed for easy configurability. Two or four channels can be tied together and programmed to operate as a potentiometer. They also support both parallel and series operation. Two or more channels can be connected in parallel for increased accuracy and to reduce the step size, or, if preferred, two or more channels can be connected in series to increase the range,” notes Jon Semancik, Product Line Manager for VTI Instruments.

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