Potting/Encapsulating Compound has water-clear formula.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for applications requiring clarity, semi-flexible 20-2620 is non-yellowing and will not place excess stress on electronic components. This 2-component polyurethane compound offers weather resistance and can be used outdoor applications without exhibiting any degradation. Compound, available in TriggerBond®, cures at room temperature and has 1:1 mix ratio.

Original Press Release:

Epoxies, Etc... Develops New Water Clear and Non-Yellowing Potting and Encapsulating Compound


20-2620 is a new two component polyurethane compound designed for applications requiring ultimate clarity. Many electronic assembly operations have a need for a clear and weather resistant potting compound. 20-2620 may be used in outdoor applications without any degradation. LED assembly is a perfect application for this new material.

20-2620 is room temperature curing and has a convenient one to one mix ratio. It is semi-flexible and will not place excess stress on electronic components.

We believe readers will have will have high interest in the 20-2620. There are few commercially available products that have the following unique combination of features:

o Low Viscosity
o Semi-Flexible
o Water Clear
o Non-Yellowing
o Easy 1 to 1 Ratio
o Available in TriggerBond®

Samples are available and may be requested from our website: www.epoxies.com

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