Potting Compound dispenses from disposable static mixers.

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Following dispensing, Trigger Cure(TM) 9-20675 A/B 2-part potting compound forms ¼ in., UV-cured layer on top in 20 seconds or less that provides protection and integrity to surface. Interior gels within 15-20 minutes at room temperature to depths of 1 in. or more. Optimum properties are achieved in 48 hours at room temperature. With no exotherm, soft, rubbery encapsulant protects and cushions delicate parts.

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New Large Cavity Potting Compound Cures in Seconds and is Easily Automated

DYMAX Trigger Cure(TM) 9-20675 A/B is a new, UV curing two-part potting compound. The material forms a tough, UV cured layer on top that provides protection and integrity to the surface to ¼". The interior then gels within 20 minutes, with no exotherm, to a soft, rubbery encapsulant that protects and cushions delicate parts through additional inches. DYMAX 9-20675A/B does not interfere with radio frequency signals.

DYMAX 9-20675 provides the faster curing benefits of light curing products with the chemical cure of traditional potting compounds. Composed of two parts, the new product is designed for dispensing with disposable static mixers. Following dispensing, exposure to longwave UV light cures the resin to a depth of ¼" in 20 seconds or less. The gel time at room temperature, to depths of an inch or more and in areas under components where the light does not reach, takes place within 15 to 20 minutes. Optimum properties are achieved in 48 hours at room temperature. There is no need for an off-line heat curing process or to have parts sitting on racks waiting to cure. These properties facilitate the automation of potting applications.

9-20675 is suitable for a variety of electrical and electronic applications including the potting of sensors, printed circuit boards and LED's.

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