Polyurethane Potting Compound protects electronic components.

Press Release Summary:

Potting, encapsulating, and casting resin 20-2121 consists of 2-component, room temperature curing system that will cushion sensitive electronic components. With toxicity level that reduces employee exposure to dangerous chemicals, moisture-resistant compound imparts minimal stress on components during cure or thermal cycling. Characteristics include 2,000 psi tensile strength, 80 Shore A Hardness, and respective viscosities of 14,000 and 800 cps @ 25°C for Polyol and Isocyanate.

Original Press Release:

Epoxies, Etc... Develops New Elastomeric Polyurethane Potting Compound

Epoxies, Etc. develops a new Potting, Encapsulating, and Casting resin. The 20-2121 is a two component, low viscosity, room temperature curing system. This is an easy to use polyurethane that will cushion and protect sensitive electronic components. It will impart very little stress on components during cure or thermal cycling due to its low durometer.

The 20-2121 has the following features and benefits:
Features:                               Benefits:

Low Toxicity Reduce employee exposure to dangerous chemicals
Green Reduce demand on non-renewable fossil fuels
Low Viscosity Quick self leveling around components
Low Durometer Low stress on components & vibration resistant
Moisture Resistant Can be used in wet environments
Low Shrinkage & Exotherm Will not damage components during cure

Samples are available and may be requested from our website: www.epoxies.com

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