Photo Sciences: Commercial Photomask and Micro-Patterning Solutions

In September 2007 Photo Sciences successfully introduced a new process and procedure to enable commercial photomask lithography and micro patterning solutions to a range of nano scale technologies in addition to semi conductors.

Traditionally this photomask techonology and chemical milling is commonly applied to semiconductors but with Photo Sciences commercial photomask lithography and micro patterning solutions it can now be applied to a whole range of products with difficult micro-patterning challenges.

Photo Sciences photomask lithography equipment, and chemical milling processes to etch micro holes can be easily applied to a range non-semiconductor products such as optics, MEMS devices, micro-displays, RFI/EMI shielding, micro-fluidics and other nano-scale technologies.

Photo Sciences expertise often leads to micro patterning solutions for the most cutting-edge new products and technologies. Among Photo Sciences offerings are; Direct-write laser and e-beam lithography, thin film deposition of metals and broad band anti-reflective coatings, etching, micro-plating, chemical milling, micro-fabrication of patterned substrates to provide complete turnkey solutions.

More information on Photo Sciences Inc and its range of commercial photomask and other micro patterning solutions can be found on

About Photo Sciences
Photo Sciences Specializes in a complete range of commercial photomasks, chemical milling and micro patterning solutions. Founded in 1972 Photo Sciences inc services all major industry sectors such as Defense, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, and telecommunications. Photomasks are used in wide range of semi conductor, custom, and nano scale applications such as near permanent projection graphics, glass motion control components, microscope/eye piece reticles, focusing tools, calibration instruments, deposition & evaporation masks, and light & fluid apertures.

The company is ISO 9001: 2000 certified, RoHS and WEEE compliant.

For more information, please contact Photo Sciences at (310) 634-1599 or
visit or email Rodger Horstman,

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