OKW Releases STYLE-CASE Holders for Remote Controls

Press Release Summary:

  • Available in 4.84 x 1.89 x 0.94 in., 5.78 x 2.20 x 1.06 in. and 6.53 x 2.51 x 1.22 in. sizes with RFI/EMI shielding, lacquering and display window options
  • Features two preformed elongated screw holes and an optional adhesive foil
  • Ensures secure storage when case is not in usage and mounted to walls, partitions and machine housings

Original Press Release:

New Holder For STYLE-CASE Handheld Enclosures

OKW has added a new holder to its STYLE-CASE range of ergonomic handheld enclosures.

STYLE-CASE is ideal for remote controls – notably in medical and social care but also in many household, office and industrial applications. The new holder enables secure storage when the case is not in use, and can be mounted to walls, partitions and machine housings.

It features two preformed elongated screw holes to speed up installation and alignment. An optional adhesive foil enables the holder to be stuck to surfaces that are not to be drilled.

OKW’s new holder is available for STYLE-CASE size L. It is molded from modern and easy-to-clean high-gloss ASA (UL 94 HB) in two standard colors: traffic white (RAL 9016) and black (RAL 9005). Prices for the cases start at $17.

Other STYLE-CASE accessories include battery clips (nickel-plated steel), IP 65 sealing kits and self-tapping screws for fitting PCBs.

OKW offers customized versions of STYLE-CASE based on three standard sizes (S 4.84” x 1.89” x 0.94”; M 5.78“ x 2.20” x 1.06”; L 6.53” x 2.51” x 1.22”). Options include custom colors; RFI/EMI shielding; CNC machining; lacquering; printing of parts and labels; membrane keypads; display windows; installation and assembly.

Visit OKW’s new website for further information: https://www.okwenclosures.com/en/Plastic-enclosures/Style-Case.htm

Contact: Sean Bailey

Email: seanb@okwenclosures.com

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