Laser Scanning Microscope allows 3D imaging of surfaces.

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Suited for materials research, LSM 700 measures fine roughness and soft surfaces. Combination of fluorescence and reflection techniques enables precision examination of semiconductors, metal, glass, and polymers with high information content. Design, optimized for reproducibility of measured values, permits precise capture of 3D topography or determination of finest roughness without damaging surface.

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Carl Zeiss Introduces the LSM 700 MAT

Confocal Materials Microscopy - LSM 700 measures fine roughness and soft surfaces

Thornwood, NY - Carl Zeiss introduces the LSM 700 / mat laser scanning microscope for materials research. It allows very precise, 3-dimensional imaging of surfaces. The combination of fluorescence and reflection techniques enables high-precision examination of semiconductors, metal, glass and polymers with high information content. The integrated detection of fluorescence signals on and in the materials provides additional information.

The easy-to-use system permits precise capture of 3D topography or the determination of finest roughness, for example, without damaging the surface. The high reproducibility of the measured values, even of relatively soft surfaces such as polymers, is another outstanding feature of this microscope system.

Together with the Axio Scope, Axio Imager and Axio Observer microscopes from Carl Zeiss, the LSM 700 is an ideal system for materials research. Combining this system with the Axio Imager and Axio Observer, in particular, enables a wide variety of configurations. Therefore, various contrasting techniques from brightfield, darkfield and polarization-optical and standard DIC contrast to polarization and fluorescence contrast become possible.

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