Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors suit UPS applications.

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Rated from 16-60 A as discrete IGBTs or co-packs with internal fast recovery diode, C2-Class IGBTs have negative temperature dependence on saturation voltage. They are suited for off-line power conversion applications requiring 600 V devices with switching frequencies up to 200 kHz. Packaging options include TO-220, surface-mountable TO-263 and TO-268, TO-247, and PLUS247. Products are also offered in proprietary ISOPLUS(TM) packages with UL recognized 2,500 V isolation.

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IXYS Releases Its Advanced C2-Class High Speed IGBTs

For High Frequency Power Conversion And UPS Applications

Santa Clara, CA. September 10, 2003 - IXYS announces the release of its C2-Class IGBT, using IXYS' next generation high-speed IGBT technology, enabling significant improvements in efficiency for off-line power conversion applications requiring 600V devices with switching frequencies up to 200 kHz. A 50% lower turn-off energy combined with reduced saturation voltage provides the user increased flexibility for system optimization in terms of system efficiency versus switching frequency. These performance improvements are further enhanced by a 25% reduction in thermal resistance resulting in an overall "Best-in-Class" power handling performance and reliability.

"IXYS' C2-Class IGBTs offer even better efficiencies in power conversion applications than Non-Punch Through (NPT) based IGBTs," according to Don Humbert, Director of Marketing. "These advantages are due to the C2-Class' negative temperature dependence on saturation voltage and excellent switching performance with minimum turn-off tail current. NPT IGBTs are preferred for motor drive applications requiring high short-circuit withstand capability; however, the positive temperature dependence of their saturation voltage unnecessarily penalizes system efficiency in power conversion applications."

A myriad of applications stand to benefit from the unique power handling and efficiency advantages inherent in the C2-Class of IGBTs. Example applications include welding, power factor correction converters and uninterruptible power supplies providing critical battery backup capability for home or business.

Designers will have the choice of devices rated from 16A to 60A as discrete IGBTs or "co-packs" with an internal fast recovery diode. Several packaging options are available, including inexpensive package options such as the TO-220 and surface-mountable TO-263, the venerable TO-247 and the surface-mountable TO-268, as well as the higher power PLUS247. In addition, C2-Class IGBTs are offered in IXYS' proprietary ISOPLUS(TM) packages, offering UL recognized 2500V isolation, with the superior thermal performance of DCB and simplification of manufacturing processes. Examples include the IXGP16N60C2 rated at 600V and 16A, and the IXGH60N60C2 rated at 600V and 60A.

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