Industrial PC includes ETXexpress/COM Express modules.

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Equipped with 2.0 GHz Intel® Pentium® M processor, RoHS-compliant PC V-Box-Express is ready for Intel® Core(TM) Duo processor technology. It measures 270 x 195 x 232 mm and is designed to handle every task in measurement, controls, operation, and visualization. PC has 4 RS232 and 4 USB interfaces, VGA and DVI graphics, and Ethernet 10/100 and 100/1000. Two PCI slots and 2 PCI Express x1 slots are available for expansion. EtherCAT provides real-time communication.

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V-Box-Express: Kontron's Compact Industrial PC with ETXexpress/COM Express Modules

Customize and scale by exchanging the processor module

PR out of the press kit from spring press conference at Munich

Eching, Germany, 22 March, 2006 - With the new Kontron box PC V-Box-Express, Kontron expands its range of powerful and robust industrial PCs, designed especially for rugged use in close proximity to machinery. RoHS-compliant, equipped with a scalable ETXexpress / COM Express module and high-performance processors up to Intel® Pentium® M 2.0 GHz, and ready for dual-core technology, the new box Kontron PC V-Box-Express is optimally equipped for every task in measurement, controls, operation, and visualization. EtherCAT provides a powerful realtime communication system.

With small dimensions of (HxWxD) 270x195x232 mm, the compact box PC is used primarily where little space is available, such as in enclosures, consoles, or directly on machines. The high electromagnetic compatibility and the resistance to shock and vibration make the system ideal for use in robust environments such as the control of printing machines or in sensitive areas like medical technology. Reliable continuous operation is guaranteed up to an ambient temperature of 55o C, the industrial power supply covers brief voltage drops with 24 V DC, thus guaranteeing long-life and secure operation even in 24-hour continuous operation and under extreme system loads. Alternatively, power can also be supplied via 230 V or an external power supply.

The scalable Kontron ETXexpress module offers the highest performance, currently up to Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz, and is ready for Intel® Core(TM) Duo processor technology (available in Q3/2006). These dual-core processors allow critical and highly complex realtime applications to run on one computer at almost twice the performance. The new Kontron V-Box-Express has four RS232 and four USB interfaces, VGA and DVI graphics, and Ethernet 10/100 and Ethernet 100/1000; two free PCI slots and two PCI Express x1 slots are available for expansion. In addition, interface expansions are possible anytime via a customer-specific baseboard. Depending on requirements, the system can be equipped with one or two shock and vibration resistant hard drives and two CompactFlash disks or two Express cards.

EtherCAT is currently used for realtime communication between the process and field levels; the software configuration - adapted to an extremely short cycle time of 50 µs, which corresponds to a frequency of 20 kHz - is preinstalled on a Flash disk and can be integrated into the system via plug & play. To date, it is the only Industrial Ethernet solution whose master does not require a special hardware interface; rather it is lead out via the LAN interface.

Future Industrial Ethernet solutions will use netX technology from the Hilscher company, which supports all standard Ethernet protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, Ethernet Powerlink, or PROFINET RT.

The new Kontron PC V-Box-Express protects your investment through its robust, industry-grade construction, the modular and scalable ETX technology, and trend-setting realtime communication via Industrial Ethernet. Long-term availability of all relevant system components is guaranteed for a period of at least five years, for the long product lifecycles which are becoming increasingly important, particularly for OEMs in machine and plant construction.

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A global leader in embedded computer technology and mobile rugged solutions, Kontron supplies a diversified customer base of OEMs, system integrators, and application providers in the: automation, test and measurement, communications, medical, gaming and entertainment, military, aerospace, transportation, and energy markets. The company helps its customers considerably reduce their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage with products including: high-performance open computer platforms and systems, single board computers, human-machine interfaces, and mobile rugged computers and displays. Kontron employs more than 2,300 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. The company is listed on the German TecDAX 30 stock exchange under the symbol "KBC". Kontron is a Premier member in the Intel ® Communications Alliance which means earliest access to leading-edge Intel technologies and privileged engineering support. For additional information on Kontron, please visit

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