Hot Bonding Machine is used for curing applications.

Press Release Summary:

ACR® 3 Hot Bonder is available with one or two zones, each featuring 10 thermocouple sensors, 30 A max output, and dual vacuum system (electric pump and vacuum venturi). Operated via 8.4 in. color touchscreen interface, machine offers temperature control up to 1,400°F and runs off of universal voltage from 100-130 Vac or 200-240 Vac. Data transfer is facilitated via USB flash drive, and software allows up to 30 programs to be stored for later use.

Original Press Release:

New BriskHeat Hot Bonder

Columbus, OH (March 4, 2009) - BriskHeat, the leader in composite curing technology, announces the release of the new ACR 3 Hot Bonder - The Premier Full-Service Hot Bonder. The patented ACR 3 utilizes an easy to use touch-screen interface and includes a New Dual Vacuum System - Both a built-in electric pump and vacuum venturi allowing for a faster and stronger vacuum. The new ACR 3 is completely redesigned to be more durable and easy-to-use. The BriskHeat ACR 3 Hot Bonder offers - easy data transfer - via the industry's only USB flash drive. No need to hook up a laptop or have additional software to download and analyze your cure results.

"Operators have asked for more features in the BriskHeat Hot Bonder and the ACR 3 delivers. The unit is smaller, lighter and easier to use than other units on the market today", says Tony Multon, Composite Product Manager. "BriskHeat has improved on the already market leading design of the ACR Hot Bonder with the ACR 3. You get everything you need in one system that is really easy to use."

The ACR 3 is available in both a single zone and dual zone unit and can be ordered with or without the long-lasting extra flexible silicone heating blankets.

More information can be found at or by calling BriskHeat at 1-800-848-7673.

About BriskHeat: BriskHeat, the leader in flexible surface heat, has 60 years of experience solving and servicing composite and industrial heat applications worldwide. BriskHeat utilizes a proven knit and braid heating technology along with state-of-the-art CNC machines and three-dimensional CAD software to provide top quality solutions for the most competitive industries in the world.

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