High-Voltage IGBT promotes power and motor control.

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Offering accelerated switching and minimal conduction losses, short-circuit rated XPT is designed for parallel operation. Merging of IXYS cell design with XPT (Xtreme light Punch Through) wafer technology optimizes static and dynamic behavior as well as reliable operation during power turn-off testing. With low Vce(sat) of 1.8 V at 25°C, 1,200 V XPT IGBTs are rated at 10, 15, 35, and 50 A and come in standard module and discrete packages.

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IXYS Introduces New XPT IGBT Technology for Power and Motor Control

Biel, Switzerland. May 1, 2008 - IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: IXYS) introduces the XPT IGBT, IXYS' latest generation of short-circuit rated high voltage IGBTs with fast switching and low conduction losses. This IGBT family was developed in IXYS' internal fabs using advanced processing and design technologies. These XPT IGBTs are designed for parallel operation, thereby enabling high power module design and scaling up the power capability with the use of multi-discrete devices. These devices are optimized for use in a variety of power control applications including motor drive, UPS, power supplies, inverters and solar power inverters.

The benefits of merging the IXYS cell design with XPT (Xtreme light Punch Through) wafer technology result in competitive static and dynamic behavior as well as the rugged and reliable operation during power turn-off testing. The XPT IGBT has a low Vce(sat) (typical 1.8V at 25 degrees C). Combining the XPT IGBT with the recently introduced IXYS SONIC diode delivers fast and soft switching behavior and gives excellent EMI performance regardless of the level of the switched current.

The introduced 1200V XPT IGBTs are rated at 10A, 15A, 35A and 50A. These IGBTs will be available in standard module and discrete packages as well as being available to be packaged in customer specific designs. The XPT IGBT/Sonic combination range is available in Converter Brake Inverter module (CBI) and six-pack topologies in 3 different package sizes. A diode bridge input rectifier with break chopper supplements the 3-phase inverter six-pack stage in the CBI configuration. The IXA37IF1200HJ is an example of a discrete co-pack containing the XPT IGBT and the Sonic diode integrated in the ISOPLUS 247tm package.

"With the introduction of the XPT IGBT, IXYS expands its IGBT product range to meet market demands for highly rugged, low loss devices that can be easily paralleled," says Peter Ingram, President of European operations. "This new IGBT technology, when combined with our integrated packaging technology, provides superior performance in a high percentage of power switching applications where efficiency and reliability are essential."

About IXYS Corporation
Since its inception, IXYS Corporation has been developing technology-driven semiconductor products to improve power conversion efficiency. IXYS is a global pioneer in the development of power MOSFETs, IGBTs and bipolar power technologies that serve the worldwide needs for power conversion, efficient motor control and renewable energy. IXYS and its divisions world wide offer a diversified product base for telecommunications IC, e-paper display drivers, RF power devices, power subsystems and specialized driver and power management IC's. Additional information may be obtained by visiting IXYS' website at www.ixys.com, or by contacting the company directly.

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