High-Temperature Sealant repairs aluminum components.

Press Release Summary:

Pyro-Putty® 1000 sealant and metal repair compound is 2-part, powder and liquid system that operates to 1,400°F. Dispensed into place in cross-sections up to ½ in. thick, water-based, ceramic- and aluminum-filled paste sets at room temperature in 16-24 hr. It can be cured in-situ or by heating for 1-2 hr @ 160°F. Containing no asbestos or VOCs, environmentally compliant compound is resistant to thermal shock, corrosive chemicals, and solvents.

Original Press Release:

New Pyro-Putty® 1000 Repairs Aluminum To 1400°F

Valley Cottage, NY - June 10, 2005 SUMMARY Pyro-Putty® 1000, a new high temperature sealant and metal repair compound developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used repair cast aluminum manifolds and other components such as burners, heat exchangers, and stacks used in applications to 1400 °F. FEATURES Pyro-Putty® 1000 is an advanced, two-part, water-based, ceramic and aluminum filled paste that operates to 1400 °F. This product is now used to repair defects in cast aluminum manifolds, seal aluminum housings found in infrared ovens, bond burner components in commercial stoves, and seal sheet metal exhaust stacks found in industrial furnaces and incinerators. Pyro-Putty® 1000 is an easy-to-use, environmentally compliant compound containing no asbestos or volatile organic compounds. It is a two-part, powder and liquid system which is mixed typically to a paste-like consistency, then dispensed into place in cross-sections up to 1/2" thick. Pyro-Putty® 1000 sets at room temperature in 16-24 hours and can be cured in-situ or by heating for 1-2 hours at 160 °F. Cured product exhibits minimal shrinkage and can be sanded to a smooth finish, then over coated with conventional paints or powder coatings. Due to its high aluminum content, Pyro-Putty® 1000 provides exceptional thermal conductivity. It is also resistant to thermal shock and corrosive chemicals and solvents. It is available from stock in pint, quart, and gallon kits. For more information about this advanced high temperature product, please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department.

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