High Resolution Microscope magnifies up to 20,000x.

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Phenom(TM) high-resolution imaging microscope features performance levels between those of optical and scanning electron microscopes. Capable of yielding magnification up to 20,000x, unit features interactive touch screen user interface. Suitable applications include quality assurance, product development, research, and teaching. Unit is portable and requires no specialized facilities.

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FEI'S New Phenom(TM) Bridges the Gap Between Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy

June 25, 2007/Hillsboro, Ore. - FEI (NASDAQ: FEIC) has released its new Phenom(TM) microscope, an innovative system that bridges the critical price and performance gap between optical and scanning electron microscope (SEM) technologies. Operated easily via its highly intuitive and interactive touch screen, the Phenom can be used in almost any location and does not require specialized facilities or highly skilled operators. Capable of yielding magnification up to 20,000x, or 20 times higher than most advanced optical scopes, the Phenom addresses a wide variety of industrial and academic applications including quality assurance, product development, research and teaching. Because of its simplicity, compact design and comparable price to high-end optical systems, the Phenom is expected to bring high-resolution imaging to a much broader base of users and accelerate scientific discovery and new product development. It has already received several prestigious accolades including the Red Dot Design award in Germany, a 2006 Mechatronica Design Award in the Netherlands, and a Recognition of Excellence in Innovation from the U.S. Department of Commerce. "The Phenom represents a technology jump similar to that of moving from CDs to MP3s. This is FEI's iPod(TM)--it's beautiful to look at and has a simple, intuitive interface. Its ease of use makes it extremely inviting, even to those who have never before operated a microscope," said Dr. Steven Berger, vice president of the Phenom development group for FEI. "This new microscope makes high-resolution electron microscopy imaging practical and affordable, providing cost effective solutions for a wide range of imaging challenges that can no longer be solved with optical technologies." Beyond picking up where optical microscopes are losing resolution power, the Phenom's potential market will also include organizations that need SEM technology but cannot afford the typical investment of more than US $200,000 for a traditional SEM system plus the costs of additional personnel, and facilities. The Phenom is also the ideal tool for educating the next generation of nano-focused researchers and scientists. At approximately one-third the price of a traditional SEM, the Phenom will be affordable for many more undergraduate and community college programs, mainstreaming access to the nanoscale. Its ease of use and portability between classrooms will make teaching more exciting and inspire students to learn more about the science and theory behind the images. The Phenom can even play an important role in middle and high school science programs of the future. The Phenom is now available for purchase in Europe and North America. Sales to the rest of the world will be rolled out in 2008. The Phenom also represents a new low-cost platform for future products from FEI. As part of the Phenom launch, FEI is holding a series of introductory events in San Francisco, Boston and New York. Discover more about the Phenom at www.fei.com/phenom. About FEI FEI (NASDAQ: FEIC) is a global leader in providing innovative instruments for nanoscale imaging, analysis and prototyping. FEI focuses on delivering solutions that provide groundbreaking results and accelerate research, development and manufacturing cycles for its customers in Semiconductor and Data Storage, Academic and Industrial R&D, and Life Sciences markets. With R&D centers in North America and Europe, and sales and service operations in more than 50 countries around the world, FEI's Tools for Nanotech(TM) are bringing the nanoscale within the grasp of leading researchers and manufacturers. More information can be found online at www.fei.com. The Phenom was funded in part by a federal grant provided to ONAMI (Department of Energy Solar Energy Program under Award Number DE-FG36-06GO86073 and the Department of Energy Biological and Environmental Research under Award Number DE-FG02-06ER64248) and a European Union stimulus grant to FEI.

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