Glove Boxes provide physical barrier from hazardous powders.

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Equipped with inlet and outlet HEPA filters, XPert® Weigh Boxes provide physical barrier to protect operator from hazardous airborne particulates and powders in leak-free environment. Standard features include static pressure gauge, anti-static ionizer fan, and balance vibration isolator, and 70+ accessories are available to accommodate specific application requirements. Product surpasses ASHRAE 110 standards, and airborne particulate cleanliness exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions.

Original Press Release:

NEW XPert® Weigh Boxes Provide a Physical Barrier from Hazardous Airborne Particulates and Powders at an Economical Price.

The NEW XPert Weigh Boxes have inlet and outlet HEPA filters and provide a physical barrier to protect the operator from hazardous airborne particulates and powders in a leak-free environment. These boxes offer ease of use, are economically priced and offer over 70 accessories to customize to specific applications.

The XPert Weigh Box features a static pressure gauge to monitor HEPA filter loading, an anti-static ionizer fan mounted on the interior box to reduce static charge, and a balance vibration isolator for delicate weighing operations. Other features include a seamless one-piece, molded, polyethylene shell that provides chemical resistance and cleans easily. The viewing window is ¼" thick laminated safety glass which is removable for loading equipment. The inner and outer transfer chamber doors pivot upward and are counterbalanced and equipped with quick-latches. The main chamber interior is a generous 13 cubic feet and the transfer chamber is 11" nominal diameter.

The XPert Weigh Box surpasses ASHRAE 110 standards with average tracer gas levels at 0.05 ppm during perimeter scan testing. Airborne particulate cleanliness exceeds ISO Class 5 conditions and achieved ISO Class 3 conditions at both minimum and maximum operations airflow volumes.

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