Flow Room Temperature Underfill eliminates pre-heating a substrate.

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SMT 88UL Flow Room Temperature Underfill provides reworkability, drop test, quicker storage conditions and thermal cycling performance. Unit comes with ability to flow into gaps below 10µm at room temperature. Product is suitable for microelectronics industry.

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SMT 88UL Super-Fast Flow Room Temperature Underfill

YINCAE has developed a new innovative, room temperature flow, capillary underfill: SMT 88UL.

SMT 88UL is a super-fast flow capillary underfill designed to flow into gaps as small as 10µm at room temperature without pre-heating a substrate. As a result, SMT 88UL eliminates additional steps required for traditional capillary underfills, thus reducing process time and costs. In addition to costs savings, SMT 88UL offers excellent reworkability, very good drop test and thermal cycling performance, as well as easy storage conditions. These results point to SMT 88UL being the next generation board level underfill for the Microelectronics industry.

Additional information regarding SMT 88UL is available by contacting YINCAE at info@yincae.com.

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