FlipChip International Announces Enhanced Lead Free (ELF(TM)) Technology for Major Improvements in WLCSP Drop Test Performance

PHOENIX, Oct. 6 // -- FlipChip International LLC announced today that it has demonstrated a near 10x breakthrough in reliability relative to the JEDEC JESD22-B111 Drop Test Specification for Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP) products utilizing a new lead-free technology called Enhanced Lead Free(TM) (ELF(TM)). This major achievement was first realized in FCI's Advanced Reliability Laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona, with the CSP 50, an industry recognized 0.5 mm pitch, WLCSP test vehicle. Drop test robustness is a critical reliability requirement for WLCSP applications targeting advanced wireless handheld product applications where the device is at risk during the normal lifetime of the end product due to mechanical shock and vibration.

The ELF(TM) technology combines advanced lead-free metallurgy and polymer technologies to achieve these vital reliability improvements and is extendable across the full breadth of FCI's WLCSP product portfolio. An unprecedented production ramp up of the ELF(TM) technology is in full swing. ELF(TM) technology further strengthens the competitive advantages of FCI's industry leading Spheron WLCSP technologies. This breakthrough accomplishment was validated in FCI's newly expanded Advanced Reliability Laboratory with specialized test facilities for "state of the art" board level and wafer level mechanical stress testing, a metrological capability uncommon in the bumping business.

Ted Tessier, FlipChip's Chief Technical Officer, said, "We are delighted with the outcome of our intensive, two year effort to make our WLCSP product offerings, the most reliable available for form factor sensitive semiconductor product applications. This improved performance exceeded our most optimistic expectations and the resultant customer response has been unprecedented in our history. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of several individuals across our organization that have made this happen. It is FCI's mission to continue to lead the industry in next generation, 2D and 3D wafer level packaging solutions and improved electrical performance while continually striving to provide the most reliable wafer level packaging solutions available."

FlipChip International, LLC is privately held supplier of products and services for the wafer bumping and wafer scale packaging semiconductor market. FlipChip International, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of RoseStreet Labs LLC, a supplier of products and services for wireless infrastructure in the life science, renewable energy and homeland security markets.

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