Extrutech Poly Board Panels On Walls And Ceilings Improve Sanitary Conditions

Manitowoc, Wisc. (August 18, 2008) Today's sanitary regulations aren't getting any easier. Food processing plant owners, however, can give their plants that clean, sanitary appearance with plastic wall and ceiling liner panels. Extrutech Plastics, Inc. provides PVC products for the interior walls and ceilings for today's progressive processing plants.

Greg Sheehy, President of Operations, Extrutech Plastics, Inc., believes that whether it's new construction or a remodeling project, plastic panels offer more than a sanitary appearance. "Extrutech's panels are ideal for high moisture areas, because they're waterproof. They don't support mold or mildew per ASTM D3273 and ASTM D3274. The panels won't rot, rust or warp and never need paint, making maintenance easy."

Patrick Flumerfelt, Treetop, installed Extrutech panels into their Northwest Naturals plant in Bothell, Washington, where they blend custom juice concentrates.

"This is a unique product I don't see anybody else selling," said Patrick. "It is simple construction and easy to install. I like it because it creates a good seal to keep out moisture on the walls. I purchased it because of the high moisture and spray down environment it was installed in. Basically, it was a lot easier than tiling all of the walls."

Extrutech panels are extruded from exterior-grade PVC. They are available in widths of 12 inches and 24 inches wide and up to 20 feet long, depending on your needs. The POLY BOARD© panels have a tongue-and-groove design with a hidden nailing fin along one side that makes installation quick and easy with no exposed fasteners. Panels are custom cut to fit project requirements. "Inspectors love the look of no exposed fasteners and seamless walls that capture bacteria," Sheehy said. "The ability to high-pressure wash the walls down everyday helps with pathogen protection. It's nice and clean looking."

Extrutech POLY BOARD© panels are replacing FRP in a lot of plants where the facility has drab, dirty walls. Sheehy believes a bright plant keeps workers, safety and productivity at their peak. "The high reflectivity of the panels requires less lighting, which also saves energy," Sheehy said. "It gives processors another way to be 'green' and increases sustainability. And, it's completely recyclable. You can take it off, put it in a grinder and re-extrude it into decking, fencing or siding. And, you can do it over and over again."

Northwest Naturals purchased Extrutech's white panels. "The room is four times brighter than it ever was," Flumerfelt said.

Extrutech Plastics, Inc. provides PVC products for the interior walls and ceilings of today's cheese plants, fish factories, poultry processing, bottling and meat plants, and other food processing plants. The POLY BOARD© panels come with a ten-year warranty and will not turn yellow, deteriorate or delaminate. Extrutech panels meet ASTM E84-05 and CAN/ULC S102.2-03 Class A for smoke and fire.

Extrutech also offers customized plastic, extruded door panels and frames that are assembled with stainless steel hardware and doorknobs that can be easily washed. A U.S. company in operation since 1992, Extrutech works along with companies to engineer the exact plastic material list for their new project. Pheasant farms, dog kennels, garages, car washes, dairies, cheese plants, swimming pool rooms, clean rooms and food processing plants use Extrutech POLY BOARD© panels for a safe, clean environment. Contact Extrutech at 888-818-0118 or visit www.epiplastics.com


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