Epoxy System is reinforced with nanosilica fillers.

Press Release Summary:

Type UV22 features nano-sized filler (less than 50 nm) that provides cured system with abrasion resistance, optical clarity, low shrinkage, and physical strength, while maintaining low viscosity of 4,000 cps. UV22 cures rapidly upon exposure to UV light at room temperatures, has tensile strength greater than 4,600 psi and tensile modulus greater than 500,000 psi. Single component system has service temperature range of -60 to +300°F, is solvent-free adhesive, and not oxygen inhibited.

Original Press Release:

UV Curable Nanosilica Filled Epoxy

UV Curable Nanosilica Filled Epoxy Has Outstanding Physical Strength and Exceptional Abrasion & Chemical Resistance

HACKENSACK, NJ - Jun 16, 2009 - Master Bond Inc. of Hackensack, NJ is proud to announce an incredible breakthrough in polymer technology. Master Bond UV22 is a nanosilica reinforced, UV curable epoxy system that offers a combination of properties not available in conventional epoxy systems. The nano-sized filler (<50nm) gives the cured system exceptional abrasion resistance, excellent optical clarity, low shrinkage and superb physical strength properties, while still allowing the product to have an advantageously low viscosity of 4,000 cps. The tensile strength of the cured epoxy is greater than 4,600 psi and its tensile modulus is greater than 500,000 psi. This represents an amazing 50-90% improvement in performance over similar unreinforced systems.

Master Bond UV22 cures rapidly upon exposure to UV light at room temperatures. It is a single component system and requires no mixing. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is a superior electrical insulator. Post curing UV22 enhances its temperature and chemical resistance properties. For example, post curing at 90-125°C for 30 minutes will give it a glass transition temperature of greater than 120°C, far higher than traditional UV cure systems. Its ability to withstand exposure to solvents, acids and bases is also greatly improved. UV22 has a service temperature range of -60 to +300°F.

Master Bond UV22 is easy to apply and is available for use in convenient syringe applicators. Environmentally friendly, UV22 is solvent-free and not oxygen inhibited. UV22 is also available in a specially formulated, dual-cure version called UV22DC, which can be cured by UV light or by the application of heat, making it an excellent solution for applications which feature "shadowed out" areas not reachable by UV light.

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