Epoxy Adhesive exhibits 30 pli T-peel strength.

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Resistant to vibration, impact, shock, and thermal cycling, 2-component EP21TDCHT bonds dissimilar substrates, including metals, glass, ceramics, rubbers, and plastics, with different coefficients of expansion. It cures at room temperatures and has service operating temperature range of -100 to +350°F. With 70 shore D hardness and tensile strength over 3,500 psi, bonds resist water, oils, and organic solvents. Product exhibits tensile modulus of 175,000 psi.

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Epoxy Adhesive has High Peel Strength and Shock Resistance

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. is pleased to announce the development of EP21TDCHT, a new two component epoxy adhesive with high peel and shear strength. This formulation is designed to withstand exposure to vibration, impact, shock and thermal cycling. It has a convenient one to one mix ratio by weight or volume and cures at room temperatures. It has a service operating temperature range of -100°F to +350°F. EP21TDCHT has excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, rubbers and most plastics. It is particularly well suited for bonding dissimilar substrates, especially where the substrates have different coefficients of expansion. Bonds are durable and resist water, oils and many organic solvents. EP21TDCHT has superior electrical insulation properties. Its volume resistivity is 1014 ohm cm. Master Bond EP21TDCHT has a Shore D hardness of 70 and an elongation of >20%. Its tensile strength is >3,500 psi and it has a T-peel strength of 30 pli. It also exhibits a tensile modulus of 175,000 psi. Master Bond EP21TDCHT is available for use in 1/2 pint, pint, gallon and 5 gallon container kits. It is also available for use in syringe, cartridge and gun applicators. For further information, please contact: James Brenner Marketing Manager

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