Dual Feedback Voice Coil Positioning Stage

The VCS20-020-CR-01-MC-F3K voice coil positioning stage has dual feedback capability. It can operate either under closed loop position control with force monitoring or closed loop force control with position monitoring. It uses H2W voice coil motor NCC20-18-020-1A to generate a continuous/peak force of 2.0 lbs [8.9 N]/6.0 lbs [26.7 N] with a total stroke length of 2.0 in [50.8 mm]. The 1-micron resolution encoder allows for precise positioning. The 3kg rated force transducer allows for 0.01-3kg of push/pull force feedback control. It comes supplied with a high accuracy crossed roller bearing. The motor coil is the moving part of the assembly in order to reduce the moving mass of the system. Power is supplied to the motor via a high flex, high reliability flat ribbon cable.


• Ability to close the control loop via position (utilizing the 1-micron resolution encoder) or force (utilizing the 3 kg rated force transducer), and the ability to switch between the two within the motion controller.

• High resolution and repeatability

• Low moving mass

• High reliability

• Ability to run in horizontal or vertical orientation

Product: https://www.h2wtech.com/product/voice-coil-stages/VCS20-020-CR-01-MC-F3K

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