Direct-Drive Rotary Stages have zero-backlash design.

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Designed for optimal angular positioning and velocity control, AccuRing series consists of large aperture rotary stages with no gear wear/vibration. Products are rated for 800 rpm continuous rotation and can also be configured as multi-axis gimbals. In addition to angular contact bearings and precision-machined rotating shaft, stages feature encoder resolutions up to 0.16 arc sec, accuracy of ±5 arc sec, and bi-directional repeatability of ±0.5 arc sec.

Original Press Release:

Direct-Drive Rotary Stages with Large Apertures

AccuRing series direct-drive rotary stages provide superior angular positioning and velocity control with exceptionally large apertures.

Advantage of AccuRings - Large aperture rotary stages with zero backlash, and no gear wear or gear vibration are now available. Direct drive AccuRings are significantly faster than worm and gear drives. System accuracy and repeatability of the stage will be maintained over time. Higher accuracy and no backlash allow customers to produce more accurate and consistent products.

Applications for the AccuRings include single and multi-axis laser testing, antenna testing, inertial navigation device testing, photonic component alignment, high-accuracy laser machining and precision wafer inspection. These rotary stages can also be configured as multi-axis gimbals.

High Speed - Conventional transmission based rotary tables with similar apertures and payload capacity operate only to 10 rpm or less. AccuRing direct-drive stages have been tested to 800 rpm continuous rotation.

Superior Mechanical Design - Angular contact bearings are used to maximize performance with respect to wobble, moment stiffness, and rotating friction. A precision-machined rotating shaft further minimizes wobble.

Brushless Direct-Drive - To maximize positioning performance, AccuRing Series direct-drive rotary stages utilizes brushless modular RotoLinear motor technology. This motor has all of the advantages of a brushless direct drive motor - no brushes to wear, no gear trains to maintain, and high acceleration and high speeds. This makes the AccuRings ideal for the applications requiring contoured motion, smooth scan velocity and precise incremental steps.

Accurate Positioning - Performance is assured with encoder resolutions up to 0.16 arc sec. The motor and ring encoder are directly coupled to a rotating shaft. The absence of gear trains and mechanical couplings eliminates position errors caused by hysteresis, windup or backlash. As a result, accuracy of ±5 arc sec and bi-directional repeatability of ±0.5 arc sec are attainable.

Flexible Configurations - IntelLiDrives offers a wide range of servo amplifiers and advanced controllers to provide a complete, integrated package.

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