Digital Oscilloscopes range from 200 MHz to 1 GHz.

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Incorporating 10.4 in. touchscreen, LXI-compliant WaveSurfer Xs-A and MXs-A provide 5 and 10 Mpts/ch memory, respectively. Units support serial data trigger and decode packages to analyze I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232, CAN, and LIN busses. Users can troubleshoot systems using color-coded overlays, search capabilities, and tabular view of bus traffic. Offering 5 GS/s max sample rate at 600 MHz and 5 GS/s per channel at 1 GHz, WaveSurfer MXs-A includes 17 math functions and 24 measurement parameters.

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LeCroy Introduces WaveSurfer Xs-A Oscilloscopes - Enhanced Speed, Performance, and Connectivity for 200 MHz to 1 GHz Oscilloscopes

Chestnut Ridge, NY, March 9, 2009 - LeCroy Corporation today announced the launch of the new line of WaveSurfer Xs-A and MXs-A digital oscilloscopes. The new WaveSurfer oscilloscopes offer faster processing, a more responsive user interface, 5 Mpts/ch memory and LXI compliance in bandwidths from 200 MHz to 1 GHz. The striking black and
silver design incorporates a 10.4" touch screen and compact form factor. This new generation of WaveSurfer oscilloscopes builds on all the features and capabilities that have been part of WaveSurfer Xs since its introduction in 2006. Features such as WaveStreamTM Fast Viewing Mode, WaveScanTM Search And Find, and mixed signal and serial
data trigger and decode capabilities, all combine to make WaveSurfer Xs-A a powerful, flexible oscilloscope that shortens debug and validation time. For engineers and technicians who need even more performance and capability, the MXs-A model of the WaveSurfer line includes extensive, advanced triggering, advanced math functions, long 10 Mpts/ch memory, higher sample rate, and LabNotebookTM documentation and report generation.

Speed and Responsiveness

The WaveSurfer Xs-A and MXs-A oscilloscopes were designed with speed and responsiveness in mind. This shows up in improved trigger rates for every situation-from just capturing waveforms and making measurements to using FFTs and decoding serial data. When compared with their predecessors, the WaveSurfer XS-A and MXs-A oscilloscopes are up to three times faster. The fast processing capability allows all math and analysis functions even at the longest memory settings without bogging down the entire instrument. The speed improvements come from a new hardware configuration which features a new processor and memory configuration. The improved responsiveness comes from incorporating elements of LeCroy's X-Stream® II architecture; providing preview and abort capabilities that permit the user instant control of the oscilloscope without any hold-off or delay.

WaveSurfer MXs-A - The Specs You Want, The Features You Need

Built on the WaveSurfer Xs-A platform, the WaveSurfer MXs-A provides the specs and features for all designing, debugging and documenting results. With 5 GS/s maximum sample rate at 600 MHz and 5 GS/s per channel at 1 GHz to capture the fastest signals, longer memory, advanced triggering, 17 math functions and 24 measurement parameters
the WaveSurfer MXs-A goes above and beyond any competitive oscilloscope. On top of these advanced capabilities the WaveSurfer MXs-A includes LeCroy's LabNotebook tool for easy documentation and customized report generation.

LXI Compliance Enhances Connectivity

LXI is based on the open standard LAN (Ethernet) for system interdevice communication, and has been widely accepted in the test and measurement industry. LXI leverages the mature and robust LAN standard by offering a low cost solution that that is backward compatible and supported by all computer platforms. It also allows for automatic
discovery, addressing, asset and network management, permitting engineers to build powerful, web enabled test systems in less time.

Advanced Debug and Analysis Tools for Embedded Systems

The WaveSurfer supports a wide range of LeCroy's serial data trigger and decode packages to quickly analyze I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232, CAN and LIN busses. With color-coded overlays, search capabilities and a tabular view of all bus traffic it is easy to monitor bus traffic and trouble shoot a system. Complimenting these capabilities is the MS-250, MS-500 and MS-500-36 mixed signal oscilloscope options which provide up to 36 digital channels to capture address and data lines, serial bus lines and other control lines.

Extensive Probe Offering

All WaveSurfer Xs-A and MXs-A oscilloscopes include high impedance, low capacitance passive probes but the WaveSurfer supports a wide range of other probes for a variety of applications. High impedance active probes like the ZS1000 and ZS1500 offers probe bandwidths up to 1.5 GHz at an affordable price. Differential probes like the ADP300
and ADP305 provide an easy way to probe switching power supplies. High voltage passive probes up to 20 kV and current probes up to 500 A round out the line.

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Engineers and technicians who would like to know more can contact LeCroy at 1-800-4LeCroy (1-800-453-2769) or visit the LeCroy web site (

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LeCroy Corporation is a worldwide leader in serial data test solutions, creating advanced instruments that drive product innovation by quickly measuring, analyzing, and verifying complex electronic signals. The Company offers highperformance oscilloscopes, serial data analyzers, and global communications protocol test solutions used by design engineers in the computer and semiconductor, data storage device, automotive and industrial, and military and aerospace markets. LeCroy's 40-year heritage of technical innovation is the foundation for its recognized leadership in "WaveShape Analysis"-capturing, viewing, and measuring the high-speed signals that drive today's information and communications technologies. LeCroy is headquartered in Chestnut Ridge, New York. Company information is available at

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